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OCT 21

Our case of the month for August was a straight forward one but effective. In many cases, we get asked to correct one or two teeth which really bothers our patient. Most of the time, this is perfectly feasible using modern day cosmetic dental techniques such as lingual braces and cosmetic bonding.

For our case, one tooth had slipped behind the others and was in cross bite with the lower teeth. This is where the upper tooth actually sits on the inside surface of the lower tooth when closed. This is not desirable aesthetically nor functionally. One tooth in cross bite will often wear at a greater rate and can interfere with the bite.

To keep things really simple, we used a Social 6 lingual brace to correct the tooth and place it back to the normal position. As mentioned above, due to wear, it was much shorter than the adjacent teeth. However, with some snazzy cosmetic bonding using our own techniques and polishing methods, we had a life like tooth back again which looked as good as new.

The Social 6 lingual brace took around three months. After some home whitening , the cosmetic bonding can be completed in one session. Therefore a total treatment time of less than four months and at a cost of less than £2000.

Treatment completed by Dr Nissit Patel. Book your consultation today!

SEP 21

Invisalign is the world's most well known clear aligner orthodontic treatment. However, not many people know about the history of Invisalign and how it all came about.

History of Invisalign

Invisalign all started in the mid-90s, when a young Stanford student named Zia Chisti was undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed braces. As a university student, he experienced many of the inconveniences that come with getting braces as a busy adult such as irritation , pain, brackets coming off, sharp wires and numerous appointments to name a few. Chisti thought there had to be a better way. And when he received his clear retainer at the end of treatment, he wondered why patients couldn't straighten their teeth with a series of plastic retainers instead of traditional braces.

In the coming years, Chisti teamed up with another Stanford student, Kelsey Wirth, as well as too graduate students, Apostolos Lerios and Brian Freyburger. In 1997, they cofounded Align Technology, the company behind Invisalign. The team took on some investment, and with their access to Stanford's CAD modelling and 3D printing equipment, began to develop prototypes of what would eventually become the Invisalign aligner. At the same time, they developed a software program that could create a model of a person's current bite, then design a series of aligners that would shift the teeth to create a straight, healthy new bite. The Invisalign System was born – and after a year of development, it was submitted to and approved by the FDA.

Invisalign Lite

Over the years, Invsialign has transformed drastically to embrace digital technology and improve their product which is by far and away the best on the market. (our opinion having used all of the copycats!) There are now several Invisalign products available to dentists which brings us to Invisalign Lite. The Lite version is specifically for mild to moderate crowding with treatment time frames of around 6-8 months. Within the package, there are 14 initial aligners to correct the main crowding issues. After this first set, we have the opportunity to fine tune any crowding using refinement aligners. As of October 2021, Invisalign Lite allows 2 sets of refinements of 14 aligners within each package. This provides us with ample scope for adjustments and minor corrections.

How Does Invisalign Lite Work?

The process is seamless. Initially, after a full comprehensive examination, we will take 3-D scans of your mouth, x rays and photographs. Once we have deemed the mouth healthy, you are ready to start the journey. We will send the records to Invisalign who will then provide us with a Clincheck video. This will show us a projection before and after Invisalign an how long treatment will possibly take. We will also see where attachments are needed and if space is required between the teeth which is called IPR- interproximal reduction. This will be checked by our expert dentists and modifications made so that the optimal result can be reached. Once we are both happy, approval can be given and the aligners will be ready to fit within 2 weeks usually.

Invisalign Lite Before and After

Here is a great case where we have used Invisalign Lite to correct moderate crowding, align the arches, level the teeth and transform the smile with some whitening and cosmetic bonding.

The Cost of Invisalign Lite

Our Invisalign Lite package includes treatment for both upper and lower teeth, final fixed and removable retainers, a tooth whitening pack and cosmetic contouring of any uneven edges. The overall fee is just £3000. Compared to the cost of fixed braces, this is incredibly good value for money! If you are considering Invisalign treatment this year, please arrange a free video consultation with our experienced dentists. We are here for you and ready to guide you with the utmost care and dedication.

SEP 21

Our case of the month for July 2021 is quite a complex one involving multiple ceramic crowns after an accident during the first lockdown. Our patient, Xavier, had a cycling accident where he fractured 3 of his front teeth. Now with any trauma case, there is a certain way to handle the situation and it is important not to rush into a specific treatment. The reason being is that once the teeth and gums have been damaged, the consequences may not be apparent for several weeks or months. Hence the use of provisional materials such as composite and temporary crowns are vital during this healing phase.

Periodontal or gum health is paramount also and we needed to spend some time stabilising the gum health with conventional and laser treatments. Beata Kynsak did a wonderful job using Waterlase i Plus and the Epic 10 diode laser with a complete transformation from inflamed , swollen gums to a pink, firm attached gum line. Laser dentistry, although not new, is still a rarity across our profession but we are firm believers in the technology and have many years of experience highlighting great results.

Once the gums were stable, provisional crowns were made using a diagnostic wax up. This is where our laboratory, Ceramic Studios, re create the teeth using digital means to provide us with a prototype of the final teeth. We can use this guide to define our preparations of the teeth, make the temporary teeth and allow our patients to see what the final crowns can look like. Our temporary crown material of choice is Luxatemp; the gold standard.

After some time in the temporary crowns, we were ready to proceed with the final crowns which were E Max all ceramic crowns, again the gold standard when it comes to aesthetics. There is no better. Ceramic Studios did a great job and just take a look at the before and after results:

The difference is astounding and really life changing. This is dentistry at it should be done with careful, meticulous attention to detail and taking time to ensure the end result is the very best that it can be. Rushing this type of treatment is really not worthwhile.

If you are considering aesthetic dental treatment this year, please arrange a free video consultation with us. There are many wonderful treatments available and we will guide you with honesty and care as we would want to be treated ourselves.

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