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Dec 2018

5 sleeps till Christmas!

There are only 5 sleeps until Christmas! Exciting. Christmas is generally a time for celebrating and indulgence. Sadly this often means dental emergencies with most practices closed until the New Year. Here are the 5 most common dental emergencies and tips on how to counter them until you can visit your dentist:

  1. Tooth sensitivity. After a heavy session of drinking alcohol of fizzy soft drinks (including diet), teeth often become sensitive to hot and cold. A good remedy is to apply a sensitive toothpaste all around the area using your finger tip. Do not rinse afterwards and keep in place overnight. Continual application should help.
  2. Chipped or broken tooth. If the area is sensitive, follow the same advice as above. Keep the area clean using mouthwash; a sensitive one is a good idea.
  3. Crown has come out. This is usually from a Christmas toffee or sticky treat! If you can fit the crown back snugly, then use a denture adhesive such as Fixodent or Polygrip and this should hold well until you can see the dentist.
  4. Bleeding gums. We are big fans of Corsodyl mouthwash and gel. If the gums are bleeding all over, use the mouthwash for 1 minute 2-3 times a day. If there is only one area of bleeding, the gel can be applied using a cotton bud over the site. Continual application is needed.
  5. Lost orthodontic retainer or mouthguard. Visit a sports store or large chemist and buy a thermo formed guard. These are usually softened in very hot water and moulded directly in the mouth for 1 minute. This will provide some retention until a new one can be made.

Needless to say, call or visit the dentist as soon as possible. Hopefully, these small tips will help should you encounter a similar problem over the Christmas period.


Dec 2017

6 sleeps until Christmas! Our opening times next week.

The countdown to the big day is in full swing. Just 6 sleeps until Christmas! We will taking some hard earned rest over the Christmas period. Our opening times are as follows: Friday 22nd 0900-1500 Saturday 23rd Reception only 0900-1530 Christmas Day Closed Boxing Day Closed Wednesday 27th Reception only 0900-1300 Thursday 28th Reception only 0900-1300 Friday 29th 0900-1400 Saturday 30th Reception only 0900-1530 New Years Day Closed Tuesday 2nd January Normal opening time resume EMERGENCY COVE… READ MORE
Aug 2016

Annual leave for Dr Nissit Patel- cover arrangements

Dr Nissit Patel is now on annual leave until the 23rd of August. We do have cover at the practice throughout both weeks should you have a dental emergency. Dr Deborah Phillips and Dr Veehar Malde are available to treat any emergency that may arise, this includes Saturday's. The only exception is Friday 12th and 19th, where our colleagues at K2 dental practice are happy to provide cover. Please contact us on 0207 7311162 or e mail info@progressivedentistry.co.uk should you have an emergency. We also have … READ MORE


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