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Dec 2016

8 sleeps till Christmas!

There are just 8 sleeps till Christmas; the big day is getting closer and closer. Here are 8 tips to look after your teeth over the festive period:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day using an electric tooth brush with a 2 minute timer
  2. Floss or use inter dental brushes in between your teeth- this is vital
  3. Use a flouride mouthwash afterwards-do not rinse with water
  4. Limit sugary foods and drinks (sorry!) to mealtimes and reduce the frequency of acid attack on your teeth
  5. Limit acidic foods and drinks as much as possible; did you know that hot lemon water has the same acidity as battery acid!
  6. Drink alcohol in moderation (sorry again!)
  7. For sensitivity, rub some sensitive toothpaste directly on to the tooth and leave overnight. Repeat for at least 7 days.
  8. Visit your dentist and hygienist when due- early intervention means less extensive treatment in the long term

If you need to be seen prior to Christmas, please call us on Monday morning. We will squeeze you in!


Sep 2015

Jamie's Sugar Rush

Jamie Olivier is on a crusade to reduce the sugar intake in the UK and quite rightly so! There were shocking images of children having all of their teeth extracted because of tooth decay solely due to sugar intake. This is unacceptable and should not be the case in the day and age we live in. Sugary drinks are one of the main causes, with up to 4 large tablespoons of added sugar in some well know drinks. Yes, that's right, 4 tablespoons! We are happy to provide education to all to reduce sugar consumption… READ MORE
May 2014

Dental tip of the day 2014

Our dental tip of the day involves prevention, in particular reversing early decay. Did you know that in many cases dental decay starts from in between the teeth called the interdental area? If left untreated, these lesions will gradually progress and become closer to the nerve leaving you at risk of the dreaded root canal treatment. Our tip is simple- prevention is better than cure. Ensure your oral hygiene is excellent, clean properly in between the teeth using dental floss and brushes. We can also presc… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Dental Hygiene Walk in Service

Did you know that we offer direct access to our dental hygienist? As of May this year, the GDC granted permission for members of the public to see the dental hygienist WITHOUT having to be referred by a dentist. Therefore all you have to do is call us, e mail us or book online to see Jenny directly. Why is dental hygiene so important? Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the dental hygienist at least twice a year: 1. Dental plaque is the main cause of dental disease- removing plaque will reduce your r… READ MORE
Oct 2011

Dental tip of the day 2011

After brushing your teeth for a recommended 2 minutes, it is important to floss oruse other aids to help cleaning in between the teeth. In between the teeth is where the majority of dental plaque builds up and is a hot spot for tooth decay and gum disease. Our Dental Hygienist, Jenny, will inform you of the most effective techniques for cleaning in between the teeth to minimise dental problems. Call us on 0207 7311162 or e mail info@wordofmouthfulham.co.uk to find out more.… READ MORE


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