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Jul 2018

Are you scared of the dentist?

Do you have a fear of the dentist? Are you scared of the dental drill? Are you a needle phobic? If the answer to the above is yes, we can help. We are experts in providing virtually pain free dentistry and use the latest technology to offer alternatives to the dreaded dental drill and needles. Here are some ways that we can make dental treatment more comfortable and stress free: Waterlase i Plus Laser The Waterlase i Plus laser is an amazing, highly sophisticated device which can perform many functions, often without anaesthetic. For example, cavities can be cleaned and decay removed using the laser without drilling. The laser sterilises as it works and hence there is less trauma and the healing more profound. Here is an example of how a cavity can be treated using the Waterlase i Plus:

Decayed and broken molar teeth Decayed and broken molar teeth
Restored teeth; no drilling, no needles, no pain! Restored teeth; no drilling, no needles, no pain!

The laser is also excellent for making access to root canals, cleaning and disinfecting them so that hard to reach areas can be sterilised prior to sealing the root canal. Here is a photo of a root canal access achieved using the laser:

Root canal access made using the Waterlase i Plus laser Root canal access made using the Waterlase i Plus laser

It is also excellent on all types of soft tissue. For example, irritating polyps can be removed with minimal fuss and excellent healing.

Fibro epithelial polyp on the inside of the lower lip Fibro epithelial polyp on the inside of the lower lip
Polyp removed and healed using the Waterlase i Plus laser. Polyp removed and healed using the Waterlase i Plus laser.

Although not the answer to all dental phobias, Waterlase i Plus is certainly incredible technology that has changed the way we practice dentistry and if that helps those of you with a fear of the dentist; so much the better!

Water lase i Plus dental laser Water lase i Plus dental laser

Aqua care is a method of removing decay, stained lesions, fissures, improving surface area, removing and polishing tough stains and much more. We liken it to jet washing in a precise way! As there is no heat generated, the technique is pain free albeit slightly messy! It is a great compliment to the Waterlase i Plus and they work hand in hand.

Aqua care unit Aqua care unit
Epic 10 Diode Laser

This laser is different to the Waterlase in that it is a diode laser and acts on soft tissue only. It is superb at a variety of technique and also sterilises at it works. Healing of the soft tissue is also amazing compared to using scapels or electrosugery. A major added advantage of this laser is the use of Low Level Laser Therapy or LLTT. Studies are now showing the major benefits of LLTT in terms of pain relief and healing. This is a completely non invasive technique that can help in a number of conditions ranging from jaw pain, muscle pain, post surgical healing, ulcers, viral lesions, lichen planus, mucositis, peri implantitis, periodontitis and much more. We have been simply amazed by the results.

Epic 10 diode laser Epic 10 diode laser

As you can see, dental treatment has come a long way and if you are a dental phobic, don't panic, there are ways to help and technology that can provide a comfortable experience.


Jul 2019

Case of the Month July 2019- Peri implantitis

Our case of the month for July is an unusual one in the sense that we are not highlighting a wonderful new smile , straighter teeth, whiter teeth or a fantastic new technology. This month, our focus is on peri implantitis. Now you may wonder what on earth is peri implantitis. Well, we can report that peri implantitis is becoming a major issue in relation to dental implants and the prevalence will only increase as more and more dental implants are placed. Definition Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory pro… READ MORE
May 2018

Case of the Month May 2018- laser polyp removal

Our case of the month involves the removal of a fibro epithelial polyp using the Waterlase i Plus laser. What is a fibro epithelial polyp? A fibro epithelial polyp is a very common, firm, painless swelling found mainly on the inside of the cheeks, lips and tongue. It represents a reactive, localised scarring due to trauma or local irritation. This is usually cheek, lip or tongue biting. The size of the polyp usually remains static unless there is continual irritation or trauma where it can increas… READ MORE
Dec 2017

Fibroepithelial Polyp Removal with the Waterlase i Plus laser

Fibroepithelial polyps are commonly seen in the mouth on the lip, cheek, gum line and tongue. There are a small mass of tissue that usually form in response to trauma such as lip biting or cheek chewing. Although, in the main, polyps are pain free and benign, they can be irritating especially if you keep catching them whilst eating which could cause ulcers or inflammation. Here is a common appearance of a fibroepithelial polyp on the lip: A soft mass of pink tissue on the lip. Although these can be left… READ MORE
May 2017

Case of the Month May 2017- Waterlase i Plus laser treatment

Our case of the month for May 2017 involves treatment of tooth decay using our incredible Waterlase i Plus laser. This highly sophisticated technology allows us to treat tooth decay without having to drill the tooth and without any anaesthetic in most cases. Just think; dentistry without drilling and without needles! Just take a look at our case: Tooth decay present on a back tooth After laser treatment. No need for any drilling, no needles and no pain! Modern day dentistry has evolved beyond comprehen… READ MORE


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