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Sep 2021

Case of the month July 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for July 2021 is quite a complex one involving multiple ceramic crowns after an accident during the first lockdown. Our patient, Xavier, had a cycling accident where he fractured 3 of his front teeth. Now with any trauma case, there is a certain way to handle the situation and it is important not to rush into a specific treatment. The reason being is that once the teeth and gums have been damaged, the consequences may not be apparent for several weeks or months. Hence the use of provisional materials such as composite and temporary crowns are vital during this healing phase.

Periodontal or gum health is paramount also and we needed to spend some time stabilising the gum health with conventional and laser treatments. Beata Kynsak did a wonderful job using Waterlase i Plus and the Epic 10 diode laser with a complete transformation from inflamed , swollen gums to a pink, firm attached gum line. Laser dentistry, although not new, is still a rarity across our profession but we are firm believers in the technology and have many years of experience highlighting great results.

Once the gums were stable, provisional crowns were made using a diagnostic wax up. This is where our laboratory, Ceramic Studios, re create the teeth using digital means to provide us with a prototype of the final teeth. We can use this guide to define our preparations of the teeth, make the temporary teeth and allow our patients to see what the final crowns can look like. Our temporary crown material of choice is Luxatemp; the gold standard.

After some time in the temporary crowns, we were ready to proceed with the final crowns which were E Max all ceramic crowns, again the gold standard when it comes to aesthetics. There is no better. Ceramic Studios did a great job and just take a look at the before and after results:

The difference is astounding and really life changing. This is dentistry at it should be done with careful, meticulous attention to detail and taking time to ensure the end result is the very best that it can be. Rushing this type of treatment is really not worthwhile.

If you are considering aesthetic dental treatment this year, please arrange a free video consultation with us. There are many wonderful treatments available and we will guide you with honesty and care as we would want to be treated ourselves.


May 2021

Case of the Month April 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for April was one involving E Max crowns by Ivoclar, which is our opinion, give the best aesthetic results. In the past, tooth coloured dental crowns had a layer of metal underneath for strength with the ceramic bonded on the outside. Now these could look perfectly acceptable but there were issues. Having two layers means that more of the underlying tooth has to be cut down to accommodate the material. For any of you that has read any of our posts knows that we believe in minimally inv… READ MORE
Jul 2019

Case of the Month July 2019- Peri implantitis

Our case of the month for July is an unusual one in the sense that we are not highlighting a wonderful new smile , straighter teeth, whiter teeth or a fantastic new technology. This month, our focus is on peri implantitis. Now you may wonder what on earth is peri implantitis. Well, we can report that peri implantitis is becoming a major issue in relation to dental implants and the prevalence will only increase as more and more dental implants are placed. Definition Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory pro… READ MORE
Mar 2018

Case of the Month March 2018- lingual braces, tooth whitening and bonding

Our case of the month for March is simply astounding. Smile transformation in the true sense of the word. There were three treatments involved in the process: Lingual full arch braces Tooth whitening Cosmetic bonding Lingual braces are braces placed on the inside of the teeth. If your lifestyle does not support traditional outside braces, then this is the option for you. They are the only invisible brace and can correct teeth in the same manner as conventional braces. We use self ligating lingual braces… READ MORE
Dec 2017

Fibroepithelial Polyp Removal with the Waterlase i Plus laser

Fibroepithelial polyps are commonly seen in the mouth on the lip, cheek, gum line and tongue. There are a small mass of tissue that usually form in response to trauma such as lip biting or cheek chewing. Although, in the main, polyps are pain free and benign, they can be irritating especially if you keep catching them whilst eating which could cause ulcers or inflammation. Here is a common appearance of a fibroepithelial polyp on the lip: A soft mass of pink tissue on the lip. Although these can be left… READ MORE


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