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May 2021

Case of the Month March 2021- Cosmetic Bonding

Our case of the month for March is a simple but great one- we love it so much! It features cosmetic bonding which is a favourite treatment of ours. People often ask what is cosmetic or composite bonding. Well the answer is simple. For many years, dentists have been using adhesive technology to bond fillings inside of teeth. The same technology can be applied to the outside of teeth to make them look pretty! In essence, if a tooth is worn down, fractured, uneven or discoloured then composite bonding can be used to enhance the tooth without having to cut the tooth down or destroy healthy tooth enamel. After all, dental enamel is the hardest tissue in the body for a good reason. It is there to protect teeth- why on earth would we cut it all away? The old days of Extreme Makeover (remember that show) are over.

Often cosmetic bonding can be used for very subtle treatments such as our case. In this example, we treated the front teeth using Social 6 lingual braces to straighten the teeth first and then use composite bonding to enhance the smile line to even the edges, make pointed teeth look natural and camouflage the canine teeth which were quite pointed. There was absolutely no drilling of the underlying teeth, no needles were required, an entirely pain free process. Take a look at the difference:

The treatment was completed in one session, approximately one hour in total. The after care is simple; simply look after the bonding like you would your own teeth. Clean well, floss daily and try to avoid heavily staining foods to avoid discolouration. Maintenance is also very simple. If the bonding does become stained, like natural teeth do, then a simple hygiene visit and polish will remove this.

We use the highest quality composite materials which can be polished superbly. These include Empress Direct by Ivoclar and G-aenial by GC. You simply cannot use cheap composite materials! If you are considering cosmetic bonding this year and would like to discuss how this could transform your smile, feel free to arrange a free video consultation and we will talk you through the process.

Treatment completed by Dr Nissit Patel our Clinical Director.


Jan 2022

Case of the Month November 2021 - Cosmetic Bonding

Our case of the month for November 2021 was a classic tooth bonding case involving severe tooth wear. Tooth wear is an increasing problem with grinding at night becoming an ever increasing problem coupled with acid in the diet. The combination of these two factors can lead to the softening and dissolving enamel leading to thin edges, chipping, fractures and exposure of the underlying dentine which can be very sensitive. The beauty of cosmetic bonding is that we can treat the wear, protect the teeth and impr… READ MORE
Dec 2021

Case of the Month October 2021- Invisalign, whitening and bonding

Our case of the month for October was a simple yet effective one involving three of our favourite techniques: Invisalign, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. Crowding of teeth is so common, we would probably say the majority of the population suffer some form of mis alignment of some sort. Luckily, modern day treatments mean that teeth straightening is actually a simply and pain free process. In our case, we used Invisalign Lite which is the 'middle of the road' version which typically takes less than 6 … READ MORE
Jun 2021

Case of the Month May 2021- ICON and cosmetic bonding

Our case of the month for May 2021 was a simple one involving ICON to treat a white spot and then cosmetic bonding to repair a small chip. Initially. we used Invisalign Express to treat some mild mis alignment. Putting teeth in the correct position will mean that that any future treatment will always look better especially bonding. The treatment in our case is completely non invasive. There is no need for any drilling, no needles of any sort and no pain! Furthermore, the cost is affordable compared to tradi… READ MORE
Jun 2021


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