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Nov 2019

Case of the Month- November 2019

Our case of the month for November involves a re construction of the bite over a number of years. The main reason for treatment was due to severe tooth wear due to bruxism. Bruxism is essentially grinding at night to such an extent that the enamel is worn over a number of years. This can cause a number of problems such as:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Lack of a coherent bite
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Pain leading to root canal treatment in severe cases

Tooth wear, on the whole, can be prevented or at least treated with relative ease in the early stages. However, severe tooth wear is a complex subject and requires a dedicated and staged treatment process. Here is a smiling view of our patient before any treatment:

Severe tooth wear of the front teeth

Here, the upper and lower teeth have been worn to an extent that the bite has become edge to edge and almost all of the enamel has been worn away from the edges of the teeth and the inside surfaces. Now, as you may know, we believe in minimally invasive dentistry. In the past, all of the front teeth would have to cut down to stumps and crowns placed to 'restore' the bite and aesthetics. However, there is huge biological damage with this approach and untold issues await in the future. Our approach is very different. Initially, Dr Patel treated the tooth wear using the Dahl technique. This is a superb treatment where the tooth wear can be treated directly using composite materials to build the teeth back to normal levels WITHOUT having to cut them down. This does have an effect on the bite and adaptation can taken between 16-20 weeks. However, it is often only after a few weeks when the bite begins to feel normal again. The composite can be adjusted over time, repaired, replenished to maintain the effect. Our patient requested a more aesthetic yet natural outcome for the longer term after a few years. After a careful discussion of all the options, a plan of minimally invasive veneers was agreed. As the tooth dimensions were already, know with the Dahl treatment, we did not have to alter this a great deal. Provisional veneers play a huge part in the treatment. In fact, veneers should not be provided without a mock up and a period of time wearing temporary veneers. Once we were all happy with aesthetics, speech, lip profiles, occlusion (bite) and maintenance we could provide the veneers using minimal preparation only, with margins created in enamel only. Here is the final result:

A new smile, natural and fully functional

A beautiful natural smile that required only minimal preparation and hence minimal biological damage to the teeth. The long term prognosis is excellent. We have one happy patient! If you have tooth wear and would like a solution that is minimal and less damaging than the norm, come and see us. Why wait, you only have one set of teeth!


Nov 2021

Case of the Month September 2021- E Max Veneers

Our case of the month for September 2021 was a simply stunning one using ultra minimally invasive E max veneers. Our client disliked her front teeth composite bonding which had discoloured, worn and chipped over time. Although teeth bonding is a superb treatment, there are disadvantages compared to porcelain such as those mentioned above. Porcelain will not stain or change colour and it is far more durable than composite. However, in the past, porcelain needed considerable preparation to create space for th… READ MORE
Dec 2020

Case of the month November 2020- Cosmetic Bonding

Our case of the month for November is cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding which is one of our favourite treatments. For those of you unaware of the process, let us explain for you. The Process of Cosmetic Bonding Essentially, the process is completely pain free. There is no cutting of the teeth so the underlying tooth enamel is left completely intact. Now this is a huge advantage! Removing tooth enamel removes the hardest tissue in the body and weakens the tooth considerably. There is no going back. Over time… READ MORE
May 2019

Case of the Month May 2019

Our case of the month for May involves a stunning smile transformation with a combination treatment involving lingual braces, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Here is a photograph of the initial appearance: A pre treatment smiling photograph Here we can see slightly crooked front teeth and short lateral incisor teeth (second ones from the front). These teeth had porcelain veneers which were very bulky as the teeth were set behind the central teeth. This never works very well as the overall aesthet… READ MORE
May 2018

A stunning smile transformation using porcelain veneers and a dental implant

We love transforming smiles; it is what we do and we are the best around! In this modern day and age, we need to be familiar with all of the latest dental techniques, technology and materials to be able to provide stunning smiles. For example, fifteen years ago, dental implants were a rare thing and hardly done. Nowadays, every dental practice on the high street offers dental teeth implants and there are over 400 hundred systems available worldwide, if not more! Of course, it would make sense if the major… READ MORE


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