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Oct 2020

Case of the Month October 2020- Tooth whitening and bonding

It's the end of October and we have not posted our case of the month for September! We have so busy and time flies but here it is; a fabulous case involving Phillips ZOOM tooth whitening followed by bonding or cosmetic bonding.

There are so many tooth whitening options at the moment that it can be confusing which one to choose. In general, all whitening systems involve the use of hydrogen peroxide usually at a concentration of 6%. In the past, we were able to use 35% or even greater but due to EU legislation, we have been restricted to 6% for a few years. However, the results with 6% can be just as good and this case demonstrates this well.

Our preferred method, for the best results, is a combination of Phillips ZOOM LED in surgery whitening and a take home kit. The in surgery part takes about 90 minutes - just sit back and relax! As LED lights are used to activate the whitening gel, there is minimal heat and hence minimal sensitivity. This should then be followed up with a few more days with the take home kit we will provide for optimal effects. Tooth whitening can be topped up simply using the home whitening kit after 6-12 months. We should point out that during the process, try to avoid heavily staining foods and drinks such as curries, oily foods, beetroot, red wine and black coffee for example.

Tooth whitening should always be completed first prior to cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding. This is because we can then match the colour of the new whitened teeth. It does not work the other way around!

In our case, the area for bonding is obvious. There was an extra piece of tooth at the gum level which was dark and discoloured which had bothered our patient for her entire life. The part was removed and expert layered bonding by Dr Nissit Patel completely transformed the tooth. All of this in just 2 appointments. Here are the before and after photos:

As can be seen, the difference is amazing. Over the years, the bonding may need to be polished, refined, topped up and maintained but it is unlikely it will need full replacement unless further whitening is needed.

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Dec 2021

Case of the Month October 2021- Invisalign, whitening and bonding

Our case of the month for October was a simple yet effective one involving three of our favourite techniques: Invisalign, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. Crowding of teeth is so common, we would probably say the majority of the population suffer some form of mis alignment of some sort. Luckily, modern day treatments mean that teeth straightening is actually a simply and pain free process. In our case, we used Invisalign Lite which is the 'middle of the road' version which typically takes less than 6 … READ MORE
Oct 2021

Case of the Month August 2021- Social 6 lingual brace, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding

Our case of the month for August was a straight forward one but effective. In many cases, we get asked to correct one or two teeth which really bothers our patient. Most of the time, this is perfectly feasible using modern day cosmetic dental techniques such as lingual braces and cosmetic bonding. For our case, one tooth had slipped behind the others and was in cross bite with the lower teeth. This is where the upper tooth actually sits on the inside surface of the lower tooth when closed. This is not desir… READ MORE
Aug 2021

Case of the month June 2021- closing space with bonding

Our case of the month for June 2021 was one where spaces were closed using cosmetic bonding or teeth bonding. Often there are spaces between teeth which are either natural, developmental, after orthodontic treatment or following a trauma. One of the simplest ways to close the spaces is via bonding. Tooth bonding is a non invasive treatment where the tooth is added to using composite white filling material. In the case of closing gaps, there is absolutely no need to cut the tooth at all. The treatment is car… READ MORE
Jun 2021

Case of the Month May 2021- ICON and cosmetic bonding

Our case of the month for May 2021 was a simple one involving ICON to treat a white spot and then cosmetic bonding to repair a small chip. Initially. we used Invisalign Express to treat some mild mis alignment. Putting teeth in the correct position will mean that that any future treatment will always look better especially bonding. The treatment in our case is completely non invasive. There is no need for any drilling, no needles of any sort and no pain! Furthermore, the cost is affordable compared to tradi… READ MORE


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