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Sep 2013

Dental tip of the week 12 September 2013

As of this month, we are starting a series of dental tips which will provide simple information on how to look after your teeth and gums. This week, we go back to basics and emphasise what we should all be doing on a regular basis: 1. Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes. We generally advise using a good rechargeable toothbrush which has a two minute indicator. Studies have shown that our perception of two minutes is usually way off, with the average time of brushing of only 27 seconds! 2. Floss or use another interdental aid once a day. Our recommended interdental aids are te pe brushes, wisdom sticks, piksters and Corsodyl brushes. Brushing alone with not remove all the plaque that builds up in between the teeth which is the main cause of gum inflammation and tooth decay. This is especially so when there are large fillings, crowns or other restorations such as dental implants. By following these tips, your oral health will improve dramatically.


Aug 2016

Fluoride - some key facts

As you may know, fluoride is used in dentistry to prevent dental decay. It can be taken up into the crystalline structure of enamel, replacing the normal hydroxyapatite crystal structure into a structure called fluorapatite. This can resist acid attack to a greater degree and there is a reduction of the solubility of enamel in acid. Prevention is far better than cure! What's more, fluoride also has an inhibitory effect on oral bacteria which cause decay as they produce weaker acids and polysaccharides wh… READ MORE
Sep 2014

Back to school! Tips on children's oral health

It is that time of year again- back to school. The summer holidays are over and the new school year begins. Oh well, never mind, it will be half term soon! Here are some useful tips on maintaining your child's oral health for the new school year: 1. Avoid sugary drinks. Fizzy drinks are especially bad. Did you know that a can of cola contains 4 tablespoons of sugar. Yes, that is correct- tablespoons not teaspoons. 2. Avoid snacking on processed snacks such as the weird and wonderful shaped crisps. These … READ MORE


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