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Nov 2014

Dentistry in the news

Dentistry has certainly been in the news recently with the dentist from Nottingham and his dubious cross infection techniques. This therefore puts the spotlight on dentistry as a whole but also allows us to respond and let our patients know exactly how our cross infection policy works. This is what we do: 1. Alcohol hand rub prior to every patient and new gloves. 2. Every single instrument is taken from a pre sterilied bag that has a date when it was sterilised and when it should be sterilised again it not used within the time frame. 3. All used instruments are hand cleaned and scrubbed using dental disinfectant. 4. Instruments are then placed in an ultrasonic bath. 5. Instruments are then sterilised in an autoclave. 6. The autoclave has a printer to verify that the correct temperatures have been reached and for the recommended time frames. 7. The instruments are then dried and sealed and dated within the bags. We have invested in a new autoclave recently, the Little Sister 2010 which is extremely reliable and effective. We also ensure all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly before and after every patient. The practice is also professionally cleaned every day after clinics have been run using high quality disinfection techniques. Earlier this year, we invested in high quality flooring within both surgeries to ensure effective cleaning. We constantly strive to improve our services to ensure to a safe environment for our staff and patients. However, we welcome feedback and if you feel we could be doing something better or could recommend an improvement, please let us know.


Jan 2018

Happy New Year! 2018

We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year. Christmas is over and it is the annual time of making those resolutions and having a detox. Well, here is one to start; a dental hygiene appointment to start the year. After all the Christmas excess, sugary foods and drinks, there is no better way to start afresh with a hygiene appointment. Our hygiene sessions includes plaque (the soft stuff) and calculus (the hard stuff) removal and a full stain removal using our brilliant air flow polishing technolog… READ MORE
Mar 2015

Continual professional development- CPD

We strongly believe in continual professional development or CPD for short. The developments in dentistry are moving at a rapid rate and it is vital to keep up to date with the these advancements. On Friday, Dr Nissit Patel and Paula Ryan will be attending a core CPD meeting in Kensington. This will address important issues such as oral cancer, dental radiology, medical emergencies, decontamination and cross infection. As a practice, we are committed to being at the forefront of dental care. We undertake … READ MORE


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