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Jun 2013

Dry Mouth Advice

Do you suffer from a dry mouth or are about to commence a treatment which is known to cause dryness? Or perhaps you wear dentures and find that throughout the day the become increasingly dry and therefore uncomfortable? Here are some tips which could make your mouth more comfortable.

* Drink plain water frequently throughout the day and chew on sugarfree gum- preferably citrus flavour

* Suck on sugarfree sweets- the Peppersmith brand is widely available and contains Xylitol which is good for the teeth. Ice/sugarfree ice lollies are useful for severe conditions.

* Eat food that is moist and not too hot, broths are very good for maintaining hydration

* Some food and drinks best avoided are: high salt, high sugar, alcohol and caffeinated

* Avoid mouthwashes which contain alcohol

* Use a humidifier in your home at night time

* Quit smoking

Here at Progressive Dentistry, we also recommend a sugarfree, pH neutral product called GC Dry Mouth Gel to our patients which provides further relief to dry mouth sufferers and those who wear dentures.

Written by Jenny Wiggins EDT EDH


Sep 2019

5 signs that indicate you need to visit the dentist

Whether it s eating, drinking, chewing, or biting, there is a wide range of ways that teeth are used extensively for every day. Over time, however, your teeth may experience the inevitable signs of wear and tear, leading to several problems. A common problem that most adults face is that they put off the idea of visiting a dentist to remedy any dental issue because they are overshadowed by other commitments, ranging from tight work deadlines to taking care of their kids. However, the persistent symptoms of… READ MORE


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