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Apr 2013

Emergency Dental Care 2013

Dental emergencies can be a worrying event especially if you are unable to see your dentist immediately. We have a few tips in the event of a dental emergency which will help until you can visit your dentist. BROKEN TEETH In the event of a broken tooth or teeth, it is important to keep the area clean. It is wise to gently clean the area and remove any debris. The use of a mouthwash such as Corsodyl can also help to keep the area clean and free from bacteria. There are some temporary filling material products available at large chemists such as Boots which can also be helpful. If the teeth are very sensitive, rubbing in sensitive tooth paste such as Colgate Pro Relief or Sensodyne Rapid Response is recommended. GUM SWELLING Swollen gums are a sign of infection. It is very important to keep the mouth as clean as possible with gentle tooth brushing and using mouthwashes such as Corsodyl or warm salt water. Anti biotics are usually required in the case of an infection which can only be prescribed by your dentist. TOOTH ACHE Tooth pain such as throbbing, tenderness on biting, a dull ache and sensitivity are common descriptions for tooth ache. There may be different reasons for the pain. If medically allowed, the use of anti inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can help or paracetamol if you are unable to use ibuprofen. These medications should only be used in the short term. WISDOM TOOTH PAIN Pain from wisdom teeth is usually due to inflammation or infection of the surrounding gum. This is called 'pericoronitis'. It is very important to keep the area as clean as possible using gentle tooth brushing and mouthwashes such ac Corsodyl, Colgate Peroxyl or simply warm salt water. Due to the difficult access of wisdom teeth, a small headed tooth brush will be required. LOST FILLING If a dental filling falls out such as an amalgam (metal) filling or a white (composite) filling, clean the area gently. The use of a temporary filling material can help. Avoid biting any thing too hard or crunchy on the area and avoid the extremes of hot and cold as the are may be sensitive. The main advice is to see your dentist as soon as possible. We have a policy of seeing emergency patients on the day, so feel free to call us in the event of a dental emergency. Our dental practice in Fulham emergency telephone number is 0207 7311162.


Mar 2021

Case of the Month February 2021

Our case of the month for last month is a stunning case which involves a smile transformation using three techniques:1. Lingual Braces2. Tooth whitening using a take home whitening kit 3. Cosmetic bonding We like to call this a Progressive Smile transformation as there is no drilling, no injections, no pain and the process is affordable and easy to maintain. In contrast to porcelain veneers or crowns which require drilling away of healthy tooth enamel to cover the teeth with the ceramic. Granted, this may l… READ MORE
Dec 2020

Merry Christmas!

We are now closed for the Christmas break and will re open on the 30th December for emergency appointments from 0900-1400. This will be by appointment only using our online booking facility. To make an appointment please visit: shorturl.at/fkJ18If you are registered patient, simply fill in your details and sign in. You will then be able to choose your preferred practitioner, time and date. If you are a new patient, please register. Should you simply need some advice over the festive season (dental only plea… READ MORE
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Dec 2020

Emergency Dentist at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the nation prepares for a slight relaxation of the lockdown rules with mixing of up to 3 households from December 23rd to 27th which will be a welcome change albeit with likely stricter rules come January! During Christmas, it is normal for dental practices to close and take a well earned rest during the festive period. We are no exception and our doors will close from 1730 on 22nd December. However, if you have a dental emergency and would like to speak with a dentist, Dr … READ MORE
Jun 2020

We have opened our dental practice in Fulham!

We are delighted to say that from the 8th June we have opened our dental practice after a huge amount of work behind the scenes to keep our staff and patients safe. We have made a major investment in our business including: Newly painted exterior and signage. No more black!New flooring internally with a lovely white oak effect vinyl which can be steam cleanedPPE for all staff including custom made washable gowns, masks, caps, half face respirator masks by 3M and full face visorsVirus Killer air filtration u… READ MORE


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