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Oct 2016

Halloween is here!

Halloween is just around the corner with trick or treating now a favourite for the all young ones. This means one thing- sugar!!!! Now we hate to be spoil sports but copious amounts of sugar is not a good thing. Not only will this create hyper children (all parents will know the after effects of a sugar rush) but is also a recipe for tooth decay. Here are our tips for preventing tooth decay on Halloween:

  1. Eat the ghoulish treats in one go rather than spread out over a few hours. This will limit the pending acid attack to one session and allows the natural buffering effect of saliva to be more effective.
  2. After the monster feast, use some child mouthwash to start the fight back with fluoride
  3. Do not brush their teeth straight away, allow natural buffering and then brush last thing at night as usual
  4. Never rinse after brushing- this will remove the effectiveness of fluoride
  5. Try to limit the scare raising sugary delights until after a main mean- we know this could be a thankless task but try!

Halloween is fun and excess every now and then is OK. Obviously, we do not advocate this on a regular basis! This will lead to sure fire dental treatment in the future which could be hellish for some- you have been warned!!! Happy Halloween from Progressive Dentistry.



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