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Jan 2016

New Year, New Smile 2016

We are now into a new year, 2016 and what better way to start the year than transforming your smile. If you have a deadline in mind such as a special occasion, a holiday, a party or even your wedding now is the time to plan ahead. For example, here is list of how long treatments usually take: 1. Simple crowding: 1-3 months 2. Moderate crowding: 3-6 months 3. Advanced crowding: 6-12 months 4. Straightening and bite correction: 12-24 months 5. Porcelain veneers: 1 month 6. Tooth whitening: 90 minutes in surgery and then 1-2 weeks at home 7. Cosmetic bonding: Immediate, one visit 8. Single tooth dental implant: 3 months 9. Multiple tooth implants: 3-6 months 10. All teeth implants: 6-12 months Of course, every case is different and time frames vary. If you are considering transforming your smile in 2016 don't delay- call us and get the ball rolling. You only live once!



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