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SEP 19
Have you ever had missing teeth? It is quite embarrassing because you can't smile properly, and you become extra shy. Some people deal with missing teeth by using dentures and or bridges. What's truly remarkable, though, is what dental implants can do for you. Sure, it is all about filling in the missing teeth, but dental implants provide far more benefits than only cosmetics. Here are four benefits you will receive from using dental implants:


1 - Improving Overall Oral Health

Missing teeth don't only mean that you will look awkward because there are many other risks that you may unknowingly face without them. First, any new tooth that grows will have a higher chance of falling. This is because your bone starts to worsen from loss of stimulation by the teeth's roots. Your face will also begin to become asymmetrical as time goes. With dental implants, chewing will stimulate teeth roots, thus upkeeping your bone. Plus, your life is much easier when you can chew your favourite food properly!


Besides, implants will stop other teeth from shifting into the open space. If you leave teeth missing, neighbouring teeth will start moving to occupy the free space, creating gaps. Using the plants will not only solve this problem, but it will keep your teeth correctly aligned and your bite natural. The use of implants also helps reduce the risk of you having pains between jaw joints and muscles, known as TMJ disorder. It will also prevent bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) from occurring.


2 - Boosts your Confidence

You would rather smile with a complete set of teeth than otherwise. However, this real benefit is what you get from smiling. When you can smile and laugh, you don't feel held back at expressing your emotions. Smiling comes the ability to show your friends and family how you genuinely feel. This will help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem significantly. Plus, smiling also improves your mood overall.


3 - Keeps Tooth Structure

Paying for the price of a tooth bridge isn't the only cost you'll be facing when replacing missing teeth using this method. Bridges require your tooth structure to be removed because of the way it anchors on to your mouth. With dental implants, however, all you need is titanium posts to hold your teeth in place. Titanium is a solid material, capable of maintaining its structure. This means that it can keep restorations by itself, ridding the need to remove teeth structure to anchor the fixture.


4 - Skip Dentures

Although dentures are a cheaper route, its benefits disappear in a few years of use. As time goes, the adhesive will deteriorate, and also the utility of the denture. With dental implants, you won't need to worry about replacing or re-lining dentures every few years to keep smiling. If you have dental implants working hand-in-hand with a denture, you can still choose to do so.


If you have missing teeth, get dental implants right away! There are many benefits of doing so that you cannot miss out. Don't be afraid to spend that extra bit because it is your body, after all, and you should treat it well!


We are rated as one of the best cosmetic dentists in London - get in touch today to see how we can help.

AUG 19
Our case of the month for August is a beautiful one involving a very natural smile transformation using minimally invasive dentistry. For those of you who have not read any of our case of the month articles, we believe in the least invasive techniques to produce stunning smiles. After all, we are all born with teeth that should last a life time. If the healthy tooth enamel is drilled away for cosmetic reasons, the tooth may not last a life time which would be a travesty.

Our client was told to have a set of 6 veneers to produce the 'perfect smile'. Understandably, she was not happy with this solution which would mean cutting all of the enamel off the front teeth. Her aims were that of a natural smile rather than perfection and a treatment that involved keeping her teeth intact.

The presenting situation showed uneven, crowded front teeth with some spacing present:


Uneven front teeth and spacing

Spacing seen on the right side


We opted to treat this using a Social 6 lingual brace to even the teeth and close the space. Although a full arch lingual brace would be the best option, our patients aim was for improvement rather than the best result with finance being a consideration also.

Even front teeth post Social 6 lingual brace

The treatment time for this was between 3-4 months. The right central tooth is chipped and a great solution to correct this is cosmetic bonding. Here, we simply reconstruct the defect using state of the art composite resin and a sophisticated polishing technique.

A brand new smile!

No space and even teeth. No drilling needed.

So there we are. Wonderful end result without any enamel loss, a short treatment time and affordable. If you are thinking about a new smile this autumn, contact us today.

Treatment completed by Dr Nissit Patel. Photographs cannot be reproduced without strict permission.

AUG 19
Some people are born lucky with a natural set of a picture-perfect smile, but most have to deal with problems regarding overbite, underbite, overcrowding, gaps, crooked teeth, and even jaw misalignment.

Beyond cosmetic damage, some severe cases can cause speech problems along with a gap in your confidence, which is why many will go through lengths to have their teeth fixed. Braces are typically the go-to solution for the improper alignment of teeth, however, a modern trend called Invisalign has emerged and has been dominating the orthodontic scene since its release.

Invisalign is a contemporary method of straightening teeth and is highly-regarded in the industry for its nearly invisible material. In essence, it is generally an aesthetic improvement as well as flexible compared to traditional braces due to its incremental transparent aligners and ability to be snapped back on or off any time of the day.

The material itself is custom moulded to the shape of your teeth, though it will need to be adjusted every two weeks as your teeth will shift throughout the treatment plan. While it is a fool-proof way of enhancing a person’s smile, we’re here to help straighten out a few more things about Invisalign to ensure you’re choosing the method that would best suit your needs.

Invisalign clear aligner- virtually see through

  1. You Have to Wear Invisalign for 22 Hours to Achieve Optimal Results

The perks of Invisalign is that it can be removed any given time of the day, however, dentists recommend patients to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours to achieve optimal results. Forgetting to put them back on will delay the progress and only serve to add more weight to the costs of the treatment.

In that regard, it still offers more flexibility compared to traditional braces as you can remove them during meals, not to mention, it also allows for maximum oral hygiene as you can remove the aligners to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth.

In that regard, if you’re aiming to fulfil the recommended 22 hours, you may need to cut off on snacking in between meals. This can pose a challenge for some, though others may be excited at the prospect of getting the chance to trim up their waistline along with improving their smile. To that end, a typical treatment plan takes approximately one to two years to achieve the perfect smile, though smaller tweaks may only require six months.

  1. You May Need to Brush Your Teeth More Often

Invisalign is known for its transparent aligners, which makes it nearly invisible compared to the colourful rubber and metal wires of traditional braces. However, this also means that the aligners can be easily stained, especially when drinking coffee, soft drinks, or wine. Having a travel toothbrush will come in handy as you may need to keep your aligners spick-and-span to keep it as invisible as it promises.

  1. Attachments are Added to Severe Orthodontic Issues

Invisalign is an excellent choice for treating misaligned teeth, gaps, crookedness, and minor underbite or overbite. However, severe malocclusions may garner better results from traditional braces as it is generally faster and more cost-effective compared to Invisalign.

That isn’t to say that Invisalign won’t be effective, though some rubber attachments similar to metal braces may be required to speed up the process.

  1. Invisalign Can Straighten and Whiten Teeth at the Same Time

Invisalign offers a whitening treatment to go along with the aligners, which allows you to put together straight and white teeth like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a huge plus for those who are aiming for the Hollywood-like smile, though keep in mind that the costs may ramp up with this addition.

We are rated as one of the best cosmetic dentists in London - get in touch today to see how we can help.

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