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Jul 2013

Porcelain or Gold?

In the past, back teeth that required crowns or large fillings were given gold restorations. This was a sensible decision given that back teeth are used for chewing food and any crown or filling must therefore be able to withstand the high forces. Gold is an excellent material as it is extremely strong and biocompatible. However, it looks like gold and not like a tooth! Due to advanced in modern dentistry and materials, we are now able to provide back crowns that are completely tooth like and contain NO metal. These are called all ceramic crowns. They are also biocompatible and very strong. One example we like to use at Progressive Dentistry is the E-max crown. Below is an example of replacing a gold crown with an E-max all ceramic crown:

Broken teeth, gold crown, damaged tooth A failing gold tooth. Not very tooth like!
All ceramic crown, tooth crown, cosmetic crown An all ceramic crown- what a difference! Completely tooth like.

As you can see from the photographs, the tooth has been transformed with a completely tooth like crown. If you are fed up with unsightly crowns, gold teeth, crowns with metal lines at the gum level then we have the solutions. Call us today and transform your smile. The treatment was completed by Dr Nissit Patel. The photographs are the sole property of Dr Nissit Patel and any unathourised reprodcution is strictly prohibited.


May 2021

Case of the Month April 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for April was one involving E Max crowns by Ivoclar, which is our opinion, give the best aesthetic results. In the past, tooth coloured dental crowns had a layer of metal underneath for strength with the ceramic bonded on the outside. Now these could look perfectly acceptable but there were issues. Having two layers means that more of the underlying tooth has to be cut down to accommodate the material. For any of you that has read any of our posts knows that we believe in minimally inv… READ MORE
Oct 2018

Case of the month October 2018

Our case of the month for October is one which involves a fully customised crown. What is this, you may ask. Well, we mainly advise a fully customised crown for single front teeth where the aesthetics are incredibly important. Essentially, this technique is the very best we can offer in terms of aesthetic dentistry. The process involves: Full planning and diagnostic wax up if required. Initial shade testing at the laboratory to ensure the base shades are all correct Preparation of the front tooth and r… READ MORE


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