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Sep 2017

Summer is over-transform your smile for Autumn instead!

Today is the 1st September and officially the end of Summer time. It's back to school time (we remember that horrible feeling with the school adverts on TV) and parents are buying shoes, trousers, pencil cases and lunch boxes. Anyway, please don't be too depressed. Think about how a new gleaming smile will enhance your mood for the dark days ahead. With fantastic modern techniques and skilled dentistry, we can enhance your smile without having to cut your teeth, give any injections and painlessly. As an ad… READ MORE
Feb 2017

Case of the Month February 2017- ABC

Our case of the month for February is simply incredible. As you may know, we practice minimally invasive dentistry or MI dentistry. The philosophy of this is to be as minimal as possible, preserve what nature gave use and enhance rather than destroy. Smile design and makeovers in the past involved major destruction of the teeth. You only had to watch 'Extreme Makeover' to see how teeth were cut into little pegs and the smile transformed with porcelain veneers. Will this last a life time? We think not; simp… READ MORE
Sep 2016

Another amazing case

We love dentistry and the way we can improve someones smile and life with modern day techniques. Dentistry no longer has to be painful, involve lots of drilling or leave you in agony. Times have changed and all for the better. We can now transform your smile with no drilling, no needles, no pain and affordably. For example, just take a look at this case: Before treatment After treatment! This case involved ABC: A for alignment using lingual braces B for bleaching C for cosmetic bonding No dril… READ MORE
Jul 2016

Case of the Month July 2016

Our case of the month for July is a lovely treatment involving one of our favourite treatments- ABC. A is for alignment B is for bleaching C is for cosmetic bonding In many cases ABC can correct and transform a smile in a few months, with no drilling, no needles, no pain and at MUCH less cost than conventional treatments. Our case is a simple case correcting minor crowding and achieving symmetry with cosmetic bonding: Slightly crooked teeth and short lateral incisor teeth Straight teeth and symmetry!… READ MORE
Dec 2015

Case of the month- November 2015

Yes, we know it is now the 1st of December! However, our case of the month for November is truly stunning and deserves to be posted. The case highlights the future of cosmetic dentistry- ABC A is for alignment B is for bleaching C is for cosmetic bonding Just take a look: Straight, even teeth. No drilling, no needles, no pain and affordable! The alignment was completed using a ceramic fixed outside brace. Bleaching with Philips Zoom LED. Cosmetic bonding using G-aenial by GC. This required NO drill… READ MORE
Mar 2015

Case of the Month- March 2015

Our case of the month for March 2015 is a fantastic smile transformation using ABC. What is ABC? Simple: 1. A is for ALIGNMENT. The teeth are straightened using one of our adult orthodontic techniques. 2. B is for BLEACHING. Whitening is carried out using a take home kit or our new Philips Zoom LED in chair whitening. 3. C is for COSMETIC BONDING. Any chipped, uneven, rough edges can be restored with our tooth like adhesive bonding techniques. ABC is the non invasive smile makeover. There is no need fo… READ MORE
Jan 2015

New Year, New Smile 2015

We are now well into 2015 and what better way to start the year than taking the first steps to a new smile. Our preferred smile makeover is as simple as ABC: A is for alignment- straighten teeth using discreet or invisible braces B is for bleaching- whiten teeth using or brand new Philips LED whitening system C is for cosmetic bonding- create symmetry by bonding the latest cosmetic composites to uneven edges, short or fractured teeth This technique is totally NON INVASIVE! We do not need to drill your t… READ MORE
Jul 2014

The non invasive smile transformation

We strongly believe in the non invasive dentistry wherever possible. There are many benefits to a minimal approach such as: 1. Less invasion leads to healthier teeth and gums 2. Less biological damage 3. Less risk of complications 4. Maintenance is simple and cost effective 5. Less costly! 6. Natural results For example, just look at our case below with regards to a non invasive smile makeover: This smile was created WITHOUT any drilling, any needles or injections and was entirely pain free. This… READ MORE
Nov 2013

Case of the month- November 2013

Our case of the month for November is a superb ABC case. This involves: A- alignment of teeth using invisible lingual braces B- bleaching of teeth using teeth whitening strips C- cosmetic bonding of teeth to enhance the appearance and create symmetry ABC is the FUTURE of cosmetic dentistry. A new smile can be achieved with non invasive dentistry, preservation of tooth enamel, no needles and no drilling!! What could be better? Here are the before and after photos: Crooked and gappy teeth, small latera… READ MORE


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