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May 2022

Zirconia Bridge To Replace A Missing Front Tooth

Missing a front tooth is the thing of nightmares! A study done by Yu in 2012 showed that 39% of the population have had a dream about losing a tooth or teeth which is huge considering losing a front tooth is not a particularly common dental issue. However, accidents happen and in our case study our patient lost his front tooth whilst at school in a playground accident.… READ MORE
Sep 2012

Case of the month- September 2012

Our case of the month for September is a smile transformation involving porcelain veneers, adhesive bridgework, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. Our patient came to us after years for deliberating to transform his smile. He would never show his teeth for photographs or even when speaking. The difference is amazing. Please view the photographs and see for yourself. Gaps, uneven and yellow teeth A fantastic new smile. Straight, white and gap free! This case involved advanced dentistry which involved … READ MORE


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