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Jul 2016

Anniversary of the moon landing

Today is the 47th anniversary of the moon landing. Just think what has happened in the world over those past years. Our world revolves around dentistry. The change in dentistry in just fifteen years has been incredible. Here are some of the major advancements that we have seen in the world of dental care: Digital x rays- in the past x rays would have to be developed in a dark room or processed taking more than ten minutes. Today, scanning of phosphor plates takes seven seconds or images are available immed… READ MORE
Feb 2015

Restorative Case Full Mouth by Dr Veehar Malde

As we previously mentioned, our dentist Dr Veehar Malde has been shortlisted at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards for the restorative case- full mouth. The case involved a highly complicated reconstruction of the lower arch in conjunction with restorative treatment on the upper teeth. Just take a look at the photos: This type of dentistry is complex and requires careful planning and communication with the laboratory. Dr Malde is passionate about dentistry and producing results that are biologically sound a… READ MORE


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