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Feb 2015

One of these teeth is a dental implant- can you guess?

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. This is the case if you have one, several or all missing teeth. In the case of one missing tooth, the replacement tooth using a dental implant can look exactly the same as a natural tooth or even better! For example, just look at this photograph. Can you tell which tooth is the dental implant? There are a few dental crowns present- only one is a dental implant Dental implants act as the replacement for the root(s) of the tooth and the replaceme… READ MORE
Jan 2014

Case of the Month- January 2014

Our case of the month for January is a dental implant case involving a premolar tooth. The tooth was lost due to infection around a failing root canal treatment. In most cases, the very best replacement for a tooth is a dental implant. After careful planning, a screw retained dental implant was placed. What is a screw retained dental implant? Well, here are the advantages: 1. These types of crowns are screwed directly into the dental implant. 2. There is NO cement. This is important as excess cement can … READ MORE


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