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Sep 2014

Lingual brace offer!

We are delighted to announce a fantastic lingual brace offer for September. A full arch lingual brace is now just £2000, saving £1500 (usual fee £3500) Lingual braces are the truly invisible brace as they are placed on the inside of the teeth. If you would like a discreet way of straightening your teeth, then lingual braces could be the answer. In many cases, lingual braces are also extremely quick. Mild crowding could be corrected in just a few weeks! To learn more, please view a recent case study: … READ MORE
Oct 2013

Lingual braces- invisible braces

We are often asked to straighten teeth using 'invisible' braces. Our answer to this is lingual braces. If you have not heard of lingual braces before, the term lingual is latin for towards the tongue. Hence the brace is placed on the INSIDE of the teeth, making it 'invisible' to those around you. FACTS ABOUT LINGUAL BRACES 1. They are technically more difficult than conventional braces and require a higher skill level not only from the dentist but also from the laboratory. 2. They are physically difficul… READ MORE
Jun 2013

Social 6 lingual braces 2013

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments is the Social 6 lingual brace. This is a brace that is fitted to the INSIDE of the teeth, making it truly invisible. As it is fixed, there are no compliance issues and the technology of the system means that a wide variety of movements can be achieved. FEATURES OF THE SOCIAL 6 BRACE 1. As the name suggests, it is placed on the front 6 teeth only. 2. The aim is to correct the front 4 teeth, the canine teeth act as the anchors. 3. The usual time frame is very qu… READ MORE


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