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Aug 2011

Lingual Braces- the truly invisible brace 2011

The only truly invisible dental brace is one which sits on the inside of your teeth. Lingual is Latin for 'towards the tongue' hence the name lingual brace. This is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic brace. Kate Middleton even had her teeth straightened with lingual braces before the big day and Cheryl Cole wore lingual braces whilst judging on the X factor. However, lingual braces are not just for celebrities and A list stars, the treatment is available for all who wish to improve their smile discre… READ MORE
Mar 2011

Cosmetic Dental Excellence

Our next case involved two front teeth which had two crowns. The patient was unhappy with the colour, shape and overall appearance of them. The main request was to provide a natural replacement. Front teeth are the first point of eye contact and as such extremely important in cosmetic dentistry. A number of factors must be assessed before treatment can begin and this starts with thorough planning. Initially, study models were prescribed and a diagnostic wax up. This is to enable the patient to see the anti… READ MORE
Nov 2010


We strongly believe that non or minimally invasive dentistry is best. Modern techniques and materials mean that we no longer have to be destructive to natural tooth to create stunning results. For example, please view the photos below: This smile was created with NO tooth preparation whatsoever. The teeth were heavily worn and discoloured due to severe tooth grinding. The smile was transformed with E-max veneers within 2 weeks, without cutting teeth and without any injections. Please visit the testimoni… READ MORE


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