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Dec 2019

4 common misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry

Having unsightly flaws in your smile is something you should not live with for the rest of your life. Cosmetic treatments are affordable, reliable, and safe. Many people turn to cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile and appearance. While there are many misconceptions surrounding cosmetic dentistry, it actually provides a lot of improvements beyond what is visibly seen. Some of these myths were once truths that have roots from the surprisingly long history of aesthetic dentistry. But, with technology en… READ MORE
Jul 2017
Jun 2017

Case of the Month July 2017 - cosmetic bonding

One of our favourite treatments is cosmetic bonding. We can create stunning smiles in just one appointment, without drilling your teeth, without needles and without any pain. What's more, the treatment is far more affordable than porcelain veneers for example. What is involved? Cosmetic bonding can be explained in 5 simple steps: Full clinical examination (of course!!) Photographs and possibly a diagnostic wax up of the proposed new shape of your teeth Mock up to visualise the end result Cosmetic … READ MORE
Dec 2016

Christmas is over, New Year on the way!

Christmas is over, we hope you had a great one. New Year is just around the corner and it is the traditional time to make your resolutions for 2017. What will yours be? How about sorting out your teeth once and for all? (we would say that wouldn't we?) In 2017 we will be offering a special fixed price to transform your smile as simply as ABC: A is for alignment; straighten your teeth using one of our cosmetic brace techniques B is for bleaching; whiten after straightening to dazzle your friends and famil… READ MORE
Apr 2015

Modern cosmetic dentistry- non invasive, drill free and affordable

Modern day cosmetic dentistry is a million miles away from cosmetic dentistry of the past. We now hate to use the dental drill if at all possible and preserve as much tooth enamel as possible. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body for a good reason, it is not meant to be drilled away! In the old days, if you wanted your crooked teeth corrected, they were drilled down for crowns or veneers. Although an instant fix, the long term damage is unknown and a life time of maintenance ensues. Today, we ca… READ MORE
Jul 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry- is it worth it?

In general, cosmetic dentistry is an elective treatment. For example, you do not have to whiten your teeth, straighten those wayward incisors or close spaces. However, the difference this can make to an individual should not be underestimated. One of the great joys of dentistry is making a real difference and the response we receive after some stunning cosmetic dentistry makes all the hard work worth while. For example, a client recently came to us in a terrible state as her wedding date was only a few mon… READ MORE
Mar 2014

Cosmetic dentistry guide

Cosmetic dentistry involves many subjects and some of the terms can be confusing. Here is our simple guide to cosmetic dentistry. Tooth Whitening Tooth whitening is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry. If you have yellow, discoloured teeth and would like them whiter this is for you. Our preferred method involves using take home whitening trays and 6% hydrogen peroxide gel. We use Philips Zoom and Enlighten systems. These techniques are proven, safe and easily maintained. will not work on dental … READ MORE
Jan 2014

Cosmetic bonding- non invasive cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved greatly over the years, with the emphasis now on minimal intervention rather than cutting down healthy teeth. Cosmetic bonding emphasises this new approach as it is a completely non invasive way of correcting imperfections on front teeth, repairing chips and breaks, closing spaces and creating symmetry. Our case study highlights the impact that cosmetic bonding can have: A chipped, uneven front tooth. Note the asymmetry. Straight, even teeth! You can see the amazing diff… READ MORE
Sep 2013

The growing demand for cosmetic dentistry

Recent statistics give rise to the argument that cosmetic dentistry is now a surging market; the classic fear of the dentist syndrome that supposedly grips up to three quarters of the UK population is seemingly banished, confined to the realms of overcrowded waiting rooms and metallic train-track braces, as growth in demand for perfect teeth and alluring smiles proves that cosmetic dentistry firms are flourishing.Research from the private healthcare search engine demonstrates just how pop… READ MORE


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