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Nov 2016

Waterlase i Plus laser treatment

As our name suggests, we are progressive and forward thinking. Time does not stand still and neither does dental technology. After a great deal of thought and research, we have invested in the amazing Waterlase i Plus 2.0 dental laser. This incredible, state of the art technology allows us to perform dentistry that simply was not possible before. For example, crown lengthening. This is often required on heavily broken down teeth to increase the height of the tooth so that a new crown can be placed. In the … READ MORE
Jun 2016

Surgical crown lengthening is now easy!

We love our Waterlase i Plus laser. Why? Well, it makes treatment that was difficult, painful, time consuming and costly into an everyday event. A prime example of this is surgical crown lengthening. What is this? Well, if you have broken a tooth and there is not enough tooth left to place a crown, you will need surgical crown lengthening. In the old days, this involved a scapel, stitches, bleeding, pain and a long time to wait before the next step. No longer. Using the Waterlase i Plus, we can perform th… READ MORE
Feb 2016

Case of the Month- January 2016

We forgot to post our case for January! Better late than never. Our case involves the use of the Waterlase i Plus 2.0 to perform a procedure called surgical crown lengthening. What is surgical crown lengthening? In simple terms, this is a procedure that exposes more tooth surface to allow a dental crown to be made in such as way that it can seat on sound tooth 360 degrees. Ideally, dentists require at least 1mm of sound circumferential tooth as provides a 'ferule' and greatly enhances the resistance form… READ MORE


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