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May 2021

Case of the Month April 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for April was one involving E Max crowns by Ivoclar, which is our opinion, give the best aesthetic results. In the past, tooth coloured dental crowns had a layer of metal underneath for strength with the ceramic bonded on the outside. Now these could look perfectly acceptable but there were issues. Having two layers means that more of the underlying tooth has to be cut down to accommodate the material. For any of you that has read any of our posts knows that we believe in minimally inv… READ MORE
Sep 2020

Dental Crowns: What Are They, Procedure & Cost

Dental crowns are one of the most common dental procedures but many people are not aware what a crown is exactly. To be very simple, a crown is a new tooth surface that sits over your existing tooth to protect it.When is a dental crown needed? This is a really good question. A dental crown is needed when the underlying tooth is heavily broken down and a routine filling will not be sufficient. There is a choice to be made between having a filling and a crown and we will provide the best advice as to which wi… READ MORE
Jun 2014

Metal free crowns- no black lines

If you have a dental crown, this article is for you. In the old days of dentistry, there were only a few types of crown. Namely: 1. Metal crowns 2. Gold crowns 3. Porcelain bonded to metal crowns Now metal and gold crowns have their place, but they do not look like teeth! Porcelain bonded to metal crowns were devised to overcome this problem and still provide adequate strength. Over the years, these have proven to be a great success on the whole. However, they still contain metal and all too often a bla… READ MORE
Aug 2013

Progressive Cosmetic Dentistry

We pride ourselves on being progressive and leading the way in modern cosmetic dentistry. In the old days, cosmetic dentistry was more about being invasive and cutting healthy tooth enamel for multiple veneers or crowns. Due to the advances in technology and materials this has all changed. These days, if a tooth does need a veneer or crown, then we will match this tooth with the other teeth as best as possible. This way, the adjacent teeth do not need to be harmed in anyway. Here is a classic example. Our… READ MORE
Mar 2011

Cosmetic Dental Excellence

Our next case involved two front teeth which had two crowns. The patient was unhappy with the colour, shape and overall appearance of them. The main request was to provide a natural replacement. Front teeth are the first point of eye contact and as such extremely important in cosmetic dentistry. A number of factors must be assessed before treatment can begin and this starts with thorough planning. Initially, study models were prescribed and a diagnostic wax up. This is to enable the patient to see the anti… READ MORE
Feb 2011

Restorative Dental Excellence

We are running a series of case studies to demonstrate the treatments and outcomes that have been achieved at Word Of Mouth Fulham ( Our first case was a long and complicated case involving failing crowns and bridges, which required a full upper arch rehabilitation. Initially the gum disease was treated by our Dental Hygienist and Therapist, Jenny Wiggins. This was done over a number of sessions with superb results. After all the failing crowns and bridges were removed, the pa… READ MORE
Oct 2010

To Crown or Not to Crown…

Dental crowns are often an excellent way of restoring badly broken down teeth or teeth that have had . However, for teeth that have failing fillings or have part fractured then adhesive dentistry is often the answer. With minimally invasive techniques and the latest technologies, we are able to restore teeth with inlays and onlays. These are made from gold or ceramic (porcelian) and only replaces the damaged part of the tooth. Crowns are destructive and involve stripping the tooth of precious enamel. Inlay… READ MORE


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