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Dec 2020

Emergency Dentist at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the nation prepares for a slight relaxation of the lockdown rules with mixing of up to 3 households from December 23rd to 27th which will be a welcome change albeit with likely stricter rules come January! During Christmas, it is normal for dental practices to close and take a well earned rest during the festive period. We are no exception and our doors will close from 1730 on 22nd December. However, if you have a dental emergency and would like to speak with a dentist, Dr … READ MORE
Apr 2020

Managing Orthodontic Emergencies at Home during Lockdown by Dr Nissit Patel

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment at this present time, I can appreciate that it is probably quite a worry about when your next appointment may be. After all, orthodontic treatment is all about seeing progress for teeth straightening and it is unlikely the next adjustment or review appointment will be for some time yet.However, it is important to stay positive and remember the fact that things will return to some level of normality in the near future and that teeth can always be straightened despi… READ MORE
Apr 2020

Managing Dental Emergencies at Home

Managing Dental Emergencies at Home by Dr Nissit PatelDuring this period of lockdown, it will be increasingly difficult to access dental care apart from severe emergency treatment. I have therefore written guide on how to manage routine dental emergencies at home and how we can help over the phone. I hope it is of some use.Accessing careFollowing recent guidance from NHS England and the Department of Health, dental practices have been advised to STOP AEROSOL SPRAYS and PRIORITISE URGENT TREATMENT where pos… READ MORE
Jan 2020

When do you need a tooth extraction?

When do you need tooth extractions? There are three common reasons that emergency tooth extraction is necessary. These are crowding, disease, and trauma. If you've recently suffered a physical injury because of a sports-related accident or something as catastrophic, you may or may not need an emergency tooth extraction. How can you tell?Getting an emergency tooth extraction is a difficult call to make. Regardless, the advancements in dental technology and endodontic treatments can help you move forward with… READ MORE
Dec 2019

4 Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can strike at any time and can happen to people of all ages. They re especially common among young children because they re active and love running around with friends. For parents, it s easy to panic when their child s tooth gets knocked off. However, it s important to know that dental emergencies cover many issues, aside from broken and chipped teeth. Toothaches, bleeding gums, and sensitivity all fall into this category and require prompt attention. Here s a list of four common den… READ MORE
Apr 2016

Availability next week April 11th-15th

Dr Nissit Patel and Dr Deborah Philips are on annual leave next week. Dr Veehar Malde is present on Monday 11th April and Jenny Wiggins is available on Wednesday 13th April. Should you have a dental emergency, please contact Paula and she will make the necessary arrangements for you. We have local colleagues who will be happy to provide emergency cover. We also have a 24 hour out of hours emergency line and clinic in Central London as a last resort.… READ MORE
Aug 2015

Bank Holiday Monday August 2015

We are closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August and will re open on Tuesday 1st September at 0800. However, we are open today, so if you have a pressing dental matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. In a dental emergency, please telephone 0207 7311162 or e mail… READ MORE
Dec 2014

Christmas Eve- dental tips

It is Christmas eve and the big day is nearly here. Here are some use useful tips to avoid any dental disasters on Christmas day (when all dentists are closed!): 1. Avoid hard, crunchy sweets especially if you have large fillings or have had extensive dentistry 2. Drink from a cup or plastic glass rather than a bottle. An inadvertent knock could fracture an incisor! 3. Drink responsibly- falling over after a few too many may ruin your Christmas smile 4. If you grind your teeth at night please and have a… READ MORE
Sep 2013

Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency dentistry can involve many different forms of dental care. What does this entail? We have compiled a short list of emergency dental items and the likely treatment required. SEVERE TOOTH PAIN The classic dental emergency is severe tooth pain which is constant, throbbing, non relieved by pain killers, tender to pressure and touch. Often this is a term called 'irreversible pulpitis' and the likely treatment is root canal treatment of the tooth. If this is the case, the emergency phase will involve … READ MORE


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