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Jan 2018

Digital dentistry for dental crowns

We are now living in the digital age and dentistry is no exception to moving with the times and adapting to new technology. As our name suggests, we are progressive and implement new technology which has a real benefit for our patients. Recently, we have invested in the Trios intra oral scanner. This is simply a fantastic piece of equipment that has changed the way we work within only a few months of acquiring the unit. For example, let me discuss the workflow for a dental crown in the past: Preparation o… READ MORE
Nov 2017

Breaking News. Trios 3 Shape Scanner Is Here!

We are delighted to inform you of a major announcement- we have invested in the Trios 3 Shape Intra Oral Scanner! What is this you may ask. Well, simply put we can now scan you teeth and mouth in 3-D and in colour. Digital dentistry is well and truly here. The advantages of this incredible technology include: No need for messy dental impressions Scans are stored in a cloud and can be 3-D printed Scans can be e mailed to our laboratories, no need to post or risk damage to stone models Accuracy of a fe… READ MORE
Mar 2015

New wireless technology at Progressive Dentistry

We have recently integrated a new wireless tablet which links with our practice software. With the aim of becoming totally paper free, this technology allows important documents to be read and signed on the tablet. There is no need to print endless amounts of paper with environmentally unfriendly ink, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Medical histories, consent forms, referral forms, x rays and much more can be viewed on the tablet. Progressive by name, progressive by nature.… READ MORE


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