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Aug 2015

Case of the Month-August 2015

Our case of the month for August is one involving cosmetic bonding. In this case, the edges of the central front teeth were worn, chipped and almost transparent. Cosmetic bonding is a technique that can repair fractured, uneven, chipped and spaced teeth using a non invasive adhesive process. There is virtually no drilling required, no need for needles and no pain! What's more is that we have recently improved our bonding process using fluid abrasion. The bond strength using fluid abrasion prio… READ MORE
Jul 2015

Breaking News! Fluid abrasion is coming to Progressive Dentistry

As one of London's leading dental practices, we strive for the very best treatments for our patients. As such, we invest in the latest technology that can have a major benefit for our clients. We have just invested in fluid abrasion. This product will enable us to treat decay, remove old composite fillings, aid bonding, clean inside of crowns and bridges and much more WITHOUT drilling. Just imagine, no horrible noise or sensation from the dental drill! What's more, in many cases, we can do this without AN… READ MORE


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