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Feb 2019

Case of the Month February 2019

Our case of the month for February involves the replacement of a single front tooth crown. Although this may seem a simple process, the technical skill involved in achieving a great match to the adjacent teeth is incredibly high. A dental crown is often needed if a tooth is badly broken, decayed or has had root canal treatment. Heavily damaged teeth will not be able to withstand the everyday forces of eating, chewing or grinding and may split or fracture. If the fracture is below the gum level or between t… READ MORE
Oct 2018

Case of the month October 2018

Our case of the month for October is one which involves a fully customised crown. What is this, you may ask. Well, we mainly advise a fully customised crown for single front teeth where the aesthetics are incredibly important. Essentially, this technique is the very best we can offer in terms of aesthetic dentistry. The process involves: Full planning and diagnostic wax up if required. Initial shade testing at the laboratory to ensure the base shades are all correct Preparation of the front tooth and r… READ MORE


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