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Mar 2017

Case of the Month- March 2017 Dental Implants

Our case of the month for March is one involving dental implants to replace missing back teeth. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth to allow you to chew and enjoy your food; after all, there are few greater pleasures in life than eating! Our case was missing a premolar and a back tooth. Just take a look at the great results we achieved: Premolar missing tooth The dental implant- natural and life like Molar missing tooth- a birds eye view The molar dental implant- function is restore… READ MORE
Oct 2016

Case of the Month October 2016

Our case of the month for October is one involving dental implants. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth whether this involves one missing tooth, several teeth or all teeth. After all, what you rather have- a removable plastic plate or a fixed tooth which is almost identical to your own tooth? Our case is one that spans more than five years and just goes to show how dental implants can look just like natural teeth and how the gum line responds to well planned treatment. Dr Patel repl… READ MORE
Oct 2016

Dental Implants- Free Consultation

We are please to announce that we are now offering a free consultation on dental implants with Dr Nissit Patel. We appreciate that considering treatment with dental implants can be a daunting prospect and one not to be taken lightly. This is why we feel it is important to get to know the person carrying out your treatment prior to making any final decisions. After all, trust is one of the most important factors with dental care especially implant dentistry. At the free consultation, you will have a full 3… READ MORE
Jun 2016

The requirements for dental implant treatment- 10 key factors

As we all know, dental implant treatment is the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. This is true for single missing teeth, several missing teeth or all missing teeth. However, not everyone is suitable for dental implants. Here are 10 key factors that are required for long term success: A healthy mouth without tooth decay and gum disease Adequate bone height- ideally greater than 8mm . This can be assessed on a CT scan. Adequate bone width- ideal greater than 5mm. This can be assessed on a CT sca… READ MORE
Nov 2011

Dental Implants- the facts

Dental implants are the recognised gold standard to replacing missing teeth. The dental implant actually replaces the lost root of the tooth, or the foundation. This is possible due to phenomenon called 'osseointegration'. This process is where the jaw bone is actually able to grow around and attach to the implant creating an incredibly strong bond. Once this bond has occurred, then a new tooth can be fabricated which will attach into the implant. Sounds simple? Well, in simple cases yes. If there is plent… READ MORE


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