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Jan 2021

Case of the month December/January 2020/2021

Time has flown by and we forgot to post our case of the month for December so we have decided to combine them with a tremendous case study involving a complete smile transformation. Our client really hated her smile. The main issues were that the smile was not wide enough, the back teeth caved in so that they were not visible on photos and the bite was all over the place. As well as teeth crowding and an overall yellow shade, so a number of aesthetic problems. After careful planning, which is always the key… READ MORE
Sep 2014

Lingual brace offer!

We are delighted to announce a fantastic lingual brace offer for September. A full arch lingual brace is now just £2000, saving £1500 (usual fee £3500) Lingual braces are the truly invisible brace as they are placed on the inside of the teeth. If you would like a discreet way of straightening your teeth, then lingual braces could be the answer. In many cases, lingual braces are also extremely quick. Mild crowding could be corrected in just a few weeks! To learn more, please view a recent case study: … READ MORE
Mar 2014

How can I straighten my teeth quickly and discreetly?

One of the most common questions we are asked is how can I straighten my teeth quickly and without anyone knowing. Well, we have the answer- lingual braces. Here are some FAQs about lingual braces: What are lingual braces? These are braces placed on the inside of the teeth, completely hidden from view. Are they suitable for me? Lingual braces can be used for virtually any condition. Why are they not as readily available as conventional braces? Lingual braces are technically more difficult as teeth ha… READ MORE
Feb 2014

Case of the Month- February 2014

Our case of the month involves closing a space in between the upper front teeth. Spaces can be unsightly especially at the front of the mouth. However, we have the techniques to close the space discreetly, quickly and affordably. Just have a look at our before and after photos: The space was closed in matter of a few months using a discreet brace. Modern dentistry allows us to use tooth coloured braces rather than the dreaded metal braces. There are even braces that can be fitted to the inside of the te… READ MORE
Apr 2013

Invisalign Invisible Braces

One of the worlds most popular braces are Invisalign clear braces. Here is some information on these virtually invisible teeth straightening devices: WHAT IS INVISALIGN? Invisalign is a highly innovative, state of the art method to correct all manner of teeth crowding and alignment issues. They are completely removable, with no fixed metal braces. The Invisalign aligners are very comfortable, transparent and fit over your teeth. HOW DOES IT WORK? The planning stage is very important. Initially, records … READ MORE


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