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Mar 2022
Dec 2017

Fibroepithelial Polyp Removal with the Waterlase i Plus laser

Fibroepithelial polyps are commonly seen in the mouth on the lip, cheek, gum line and tongue. There are a small mass of tissue that usually form in response to trauma such as lip biting or cheek chewing. Although, in the main, polyps are pain free and benign, they can be irritating especially if you keep catching them whilst eating which could cause ulcers or inflammation. Here is a common appearance of a fibroepithelial polyp on the lip: A soft mass of pink tissue on the lip. Although these can be left… READ MORE
Mar 2016

Laser dentistry- the future of dental care

As our name suggests, we are a forward thinking and innovative practice. In modern day life, technology is evolving at an almost alarming rate. Most of the changes are an improvement and enhance our quality of life. Dental care should be no different. Modern day dentistry is a world apart from the days of dreaded dental care. For example, laser dentistry. We have invested in the Waterlase i Pvlus 2.0 which has replaced the scalpel in our practice. Here is what Dr Nissit Patel has to say about the Waterlas… READ MORE
Jan 2016

Laser Dentistry

We have invested in the very latest laser dentistry at Progressive Dentistry- the Waterlase i Plus 2.0 and the Epic 10. Both have different wavelengths and hence complement each other or can be used as stand alone lasers. We think that both lasers are magic! Having now used lasers within dentistry for over five years, these two lasers are certainly the most sophisticated and advanced we have seen. One application of the Epic 10 is low level laser therapy LLLT. The aim of this is to aid healing, pain relie… READ MORE
Jan 2016

Drill free dentistry

We have invested in the very latest technology- the Waterlase i Plus 2.0. With this amazing dental laser we are able to provide drill free dentistry. Yes, that is correct; dentistry without drilling! Due to the incredible properties of the laser, almost 80% of dental filling cases can be treated without any anaesthetic- so no needles! However, there is more to the laser than simply replacing the dental drill. We can perform all soft tissue procedures using the laser meaning that the traditional scalpels … READ MORE
Feb 2012

Laser dentistry has arrived

We are very pleased to announce that laser dentistry is available at our practice. The Power Pen Laser allows us to perform a number of procedures which were otherwise very invasive and involved significant treatment. The procedures include the use in conventional dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, surgery, treatment of ulcers, wisdom tooth pain, tooth whitening and much more! If you are interested in laser dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Tel 0207 7311162.… READ MORE


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