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Nov 2019

All you need to know about lingual braces

Braces technology has greatly evolved over the years, and there are now various types to choose from. The least visible of any form of the tooth-aligning orthodontic procedure lingual braces or incognito braces are now growing in popularity. It is becoming a preferred option by those who are more conscious about how their braces look like. What are lingual braces? We all know about the typical braces that are positioned on the front of our teeth. What makes lingual braces different is that they are placed… READ MORE
Oct 2019

Case of the Month September- 2019 Lingual Braces

Our case of the month for September 2019 is one featuring a lingual brace. For those of you that follow our blog and case of the month series, we love lingual braces. They are hidden braces placed behind the teeth and hence the ONLY invisible brace despite what others may have you believe. Before we show you the case, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lingual braces. The technique is not for everyone and hence this is really useful information. Advantages of Lingual Braces Cannot be se… READ MORE
Aug 2019

Case of the Month August 2019- Lingual brace and cosmetic bonding

Our case of the month for August is a beautiful one involving a very natural smile transformation using minimally invasive dentistry. For those of you who have not read any of our case of the month articles, we believe in the least invasive techniques to produce stunning smiles. After all, we are all born with teeth that should last a life time. If the healthy tooth enamel is drilled away for cosmetic reasons, the tooth may not last a life time which would be a travesty. Our client was told to have a set o… READ MORE
Jun 2019

Case of the Month June 2019

It's early in June but we could not wait to post our case of the month. As you may be aware, we believe in the least invasive techniques to create stunning smiles which look natural and healthy. After all, it is pretty obvious when a smile is false- just look at various celebrities on TV (no names mentioned!) Our patient requested a drastic improvement on his smile using lingual braces as he did not want the brace to be visible for work reasons. The treatment was a great success and the improvement as prof… READ MORE
Feb 2019

Case of the month January 2019

We are a bit late for the January case but it is well worth waiting for. The case involves one of our favourite treatments; ABC. As you may well, we believe in MI dentistry. Minimally invasive. We can create stunning smiles without having to drill away your teeth; we simply enhance what you already have. Our case involves straightening initially using full mouth lingual braces. Lingual braces are the only braces that can be said to be 'invisible'. They are placed behind the teeth so that no one will know t… READ MORE
Jun 2018

Case of the Month June 2018- Social 6 lingual brace

Our case of the month for June is a Social 6 lingual brace to correct the upper front teeth. The Social 6 lingual brace is excellent for straightening the front 4 teeth, or the incisor teeth. The canine teeth are the anchors of the brace. Hence, the brace is placed on 6 teeth but can only correct the front 4 teeth. Before Crooked front teeth and uneven levels You can see here that the central teeth are overlapping and the levels are uneven. The left lateral tooth is hidden behind the left central toot… READ MORE
Mar 2018

Case of the Month March 2018- lingual braces, tooth whitening and bonding

Our case of the month for March is simply astounding. Smile transformation in the true sense of the word. There were three treatments involved in the process: Lingual full arch braces Tooth whitening Cosmetic bonding Lingual braces are braces placed on the inside of the teeth. If your lifestyle does not support traditional outside braces, then this is the option for you. They are the only invisible brace and can correct teeth in the same manner as conventional braces. We use self ligating lingual braces… READ MORE
Aug 2017

Case of the Month- August 2017

Our case of the month for August is one involving a Social 6 lingual brace for the lower front teeth. Our client really disliked the crowding with the lower front teeth and was desperate for a solution prior to her wedding. The Social 6 lingual brace is attached to just the front 6 teeth acting on the front 4 teeth i.e the Social aspect of your smile. It is also placed on the INSIDE of the teeth and hence is the only 'invisible' brace. Due to the great technology of the brackets and wires and the skill o… READ MORE
May 2017

Case of the Month April 2017

We forgot to post our case of the month for April 2017! Well, it is worth waiting for! The case highlights what can be done with modern day dentistry- straight teeth in a matter of weeks without anyone knowing that you are wearing a brace! Just take a look: Rotated and wonky front teeth Straight front teeth in just a few weeks Dr Nissit Patel treated this case using a Social 6 lingual brace with a technique he has developed over the years. The results are simply stunning. Tooth whitening after straight… READ MORE
Jan 2017

Social 6 lingual brace just £995!

Would you like straight teeth? Would like an invisible treatment? Want it done quickly? Have a limited budget? If so, we have the answer; Social 6 lingual braces. This incredible brace is fitted on the inside of the teeth and is totally invisible. It works quickly, in most cases within 12 weeks. What's more is we have a fantastic offer available for just £995 reduced from £2500. Don't miss out, book your consultation today! Here is a recent case example: Straight tooth in only a few weeks! Wha… READ MORE


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