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Oct 2014

Advanced dental implants

We are constantly striving to improve our services and use the the very best in modern technology and materials. Dental implants is a field where technology is constantly improving and the materials are evolving at a rapid rate. It is important to keep up to date, as not only will modern methods achieve great results but will also allow us dentists to treat cases that were not previously possible. On such example is when there is very compromised bone quality to place a dental implant. This could be the ca… READ MORE
Feb 2014

Dental Implant To Replace a Missing Front Tooth

Missing a tooth is bad enough but a missing front tooth is just about the worse scenario. There can be a number of reasons why teeth are lost from trauma, infection, decay, pain and expired crowns or posts to name a few. However, with modern day implant dentistry, missing teeth can be replaced with predictability and minimal fuss, with a completely natural result. Our case study highlights a missing front tooth replaced with a dental implant and a porcelain crown. In fact, the new tooth looks even better … READ MORE


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