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Feb 2016

Gum Health Tips

The health of your mouth is critical to your overall health, which is supported by robust scientist evidence. Here are 10 tips to help maintain a healthy mouth and healthy body: Brush twice a day for two minutes. We prefer electric brushes. Clean in between your teeth with floss or inter dental brushes every night. Use plaque disclosing tablets occasionally. This will highlight where the deposits are building up allowing you to clean more effectively. Waterjets are useful if you hate flossing. Our recomm… READ MORE
Nov 2011

Can gum disease predict the risk of heart disease?

Researchers from Sweden have discovered that periodontal or gum disease may in fact predict a person's risk of heart failure, stroke and heart attack. The researchers examined almost 8000 patients with gum disease and the results showed that certain types of gum disease can in fact predict the risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. If you have bleeding gums, bad breath, bad taste, yellow build up on the teeth, loose teeth or gum recession then you are very likely… READ MORE


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