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Feb 2017

What is rubber dam?

What is rubber dam you may ask. Well, in simple terms it is a rubber sheet (usually non latex) that acts as a 'drape' for your teeth. It keeps your lips, tongue, cheeks and saliva out of the way for dental treatment. Why should it be used? Well, here are 5 good reasons why rubber dam should be used for most dental treatments: It is essential during root canal treatment to protect the airways and protect the tissues from the irritants used during the treatment. Removing old amalgam fillings releases mercu… READ MORE
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Feb 2015

Does your dentist use rubber dam? 2013

What is rubber dam? Rubber dam is essentially a drape for your teeth. It provides total isolation for the tooth or teeth in question. Thus it will keep the lip, cheeks, tongue and saliva away from the working field. This is vital in modern day dentistry where most treatment relies on adhesive bonding of some form. A dry field is crucial. Rubber dam is also essential for root canal treatment. Powerful irrigants are used to clean the canal which contain sodium hypochoride and EDTA. It is not pleasant if the… READ MORE
Mar 2014

Does your dentist use rubber dam? 2014

What is rubber dam? Quite simply, it is a rubber (latex or non latex) sheet which isolates teeth for dental treatment. There are major advantages which include: 1. Isolated teeth allow for far better access 2. There is complete protection for the lips, tongue and cheeks 3. There is no risk of inhaling or swallowing any dental materials, disinfectants, decayed tooth tissue and mercury fillings 4. Saliva cannot contaminate the teeth whilst fillings are being placed which could inhibit the setting of the f… READ MORE


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