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Jul 2018

Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Premolar Tooth

Dental implants are the best way to replace a single missing premolar tooth; at present there is no alternative that can offer the same benefits as dental implants. These include: 1. A fixed tooth to replace the missing one2. The adjacent teeth do not need cutting down3. Preservation of the bone and gum tissue4. Restoring function to that of the natural tooth5. Excellent aesthetics as the new tooth emerges from the gum line6. Dental implants cannot decay7. Longer lasting than traditional alternatives such a… READ MORE
Nov 2016

Case of the Month November 2016

Our case of the month for November involves the replacement of a single missing tooth using a dental implant. There are many cases why teeth need to removed and in this case, the reason was due to a failing root canal treatment and infection. After the tooth was removed, healing is essential to allow the infection to resolve and the tissues to heal. The implant was placed with precision using a CBCT scan. Due to the advances in modern technology we can offer a wide range of solutions to restore teeth. Why… READ MORE


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