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Jul 2021

Case of the month July 2021- Ceramic Crowns

Our case of the month for July 2021 is quite a complex one involving multiple ceramic crowns after an accident during the first lockdown. Our patient, Xavier, had a cycling accident where he fractured 3 of his front teeth. Now with any trauma case, there is a certain way to handle the situation and it is important not to rush into a specific treatment. The reason being is that once the teeth and gums have been damaged, the consequences may not be apparent for several weeks or months. Hence the use of provis… READ MORE
Mar 2018

Case of the Month March 2018- lingual braces, tooth whitening and bonding

Our case of the month for March is simply astounding. Smile transformation in the true sense of the word. There were three treatments involved in the process: Lingual full arch braces Tooth whitening Cosmetic bonding Lingual braces are braces placed on the inside of the teeth. If your lifestyle does not support traditional outside braces, then this is the option for you. They are the only invisible brace and can correct teeth in the same manner as conventional braces. We use self ligating lingual braces… READ MORE
Nov 2017

Case of the Month- November 2017

Our case of the month for November 2017 is one of our favourite treatments. This technique can completely transform your smile without the need for cutting teeth, without any injections, without any pain and it is affordable. We call it ABC. A is for alignment. Aligning teeth into the correct position is essential for cosmetic dentistry. Without correct alignment, a great smile cannot be achieved. We use a number of teeth alignment systems. In this case, a Social 6 lingual brace was used. This is an amazin… READ MORE
Jun 2017

It's the longest day of the year!

Today is the summer solstice; the longest day of the year. It is also the hottest day on record since 1976. Phew! Aside from that, we would like to discuss a very cool treatment- cosmetic bonding. Never heard of it? Well, let us explain in 5 simple ways: Cosmetic bonding can correct mis shaped, uneven, spaced teeth in ONE visit The treatment requires NO drilling of your teeth There is NO need for any needles It is reversible It is affordable Cosmetic bonding involves very careful layered placement… READ MORE
Apr 2017

An amazing smile transformation!

We strongly believe in creating beautiful smiles naturally. MI dentistry is the key phrase- minimally invasive. In the past, cosmetic dentistry involved cutting teeth down for porcelain veneers. Even though they look beautiful, there is a down side. Eventually, they will need replacing and this will mean even more tooth loss. Why risk it? We have the ultimate solution; the Progressive Dentistry Smile using ABC A is for alignment B is for bleaching C is for cosmetic bonding Just take a look at a recent c… READ MORE
Feb 2017

Case of the Month February 2017- ABC

Our case of the month for February is simply incredible. As you may know, we practice minimally invasive dentistry or MI dentistry. The philosophy of this is to be as minimal as possible, preserve what nature gave use and enhance rather than destroy. Smile design and makeovers in the past involved major destruction of the teeth. You only had to watch 'Extreme Makeover' to see how teeth were cut into little pegs and the smile transformed with porcelain veneers. Will this last a life time? We think not; simp… READ MORE
Dec 2016

Christmas is over, New Year on the way!

Christmas is over, we hope you had a great one. New Year is just around the corner and it is the traditional time to make your resolutions for 2017. What will yours be? How about sorting out your teeth once and for all? (we would say that wouldn't we?) In 2017 we will be offering a special fixed price to transform your smile as simply as ABC: A is for alignment; straighten your teeth using one of our cosmetic brace techniques B is for bleaching; whiten after straightening to dazzle your friends and famil… READ MORE
Sep 2016

Another amazing case

We love dentistry and the way we can improve someones smile and life with modern day techniques. Dentistry no longer has to be painful, involve lots of drilling or leave you in agony. Times have changed and all for the better. We can now transform your smile with no drilling, no needles, no pain and affordably. For example, just take a look at this case: Before treatment After treatment! This case involved ABC: A for alignment using lingual braces B for bleaching C for cosmetic bonding No dril… READ MORE
Jul 2016

Case of the Month July 2016

Our case of the month for July is a lovely treatment involving one of our favourite treatments- ABC. A is for alignment B is for bleaching C is for cosmetic bonding In many cases ABC can correct and transform a smile in a few months, with no drilling, no needles, no pain and at MUCH less cost than conventional treatments. Our case is a simple case correcting minor crowding and achieving symmetry with cosmetic bonding: Slightly crooked teeth and short lateral incisor teeth Straight teeth and symmetry!… READ MORE
Jun 2016

Case of the Month- June 2016

Our case of the month for June involves a smile transformation in less than 6 months. We were given a strict time frame due to an important event and we love a challenge! After careful planning and analysis, we felt the goals were achievable within the time frame. Just take a look at the before and after photographs: Crooked front teeth- just look at the left front tooth! Straight teeth in just 6 months! What a difference. The treatment was completed using Damon metal braces and then cosmetic bonding u… READ MORE


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