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Jan 2014

Social 6 lingual braces 2014

Social 6 lingual braces are an excellent technique to correct mild to moderate crowding or spacing on the front teeth. Here are the facts: 1. The brackets ( a number of types can be used including STB, Forestadent 2-D, Innovation L) are placed on the inside of the teeth making the brace 'invisible' 2. The brackets are only placed on the front 6 teeth 3. The system aims to correct the incisor teeth (the front 4 teeth) 4. The canine teeth act as the anchors to the system and therefore cannot be moved 5. … READ MORE
Dec 2013

Case of Month- December 2013

Our case of the month for December involves the cosmetic and functional correction of very crooked lower teeth. Crooked lower teeth can cause all sorts of problems: 1. Poor oral hygiene 2. Major build up of plaque and tartar 3. Gum inflammation 4. Uneven bite 5. Poor aesthetics Our case is a very typical of very crowded lower teeth causing all of the above. Have a look: Crooked lower teeth, is there space to correct them? The main issue is always space and generally there is a lack of space. After… READ MORE
Mar 2013

Case of the month- March 2013

Our case of the month for March involves straightening lower crowded teeth using invisible lingual braces. As we get older, our lower teeth tend to become more uneven and crooked. This can impact on dental hygiene, affect the bite and of course look unsightly! However, there is a solution. Invisible braces placed behind the teeth are an excellent way of correcting such misaligned teeth. There is no need for the dreaded train tracks that can be seen a mile away. Lingual braces are placed on the INSIDE of th… READ MORE
Feb 2013

Case of the month- February 2013

Our case of the month for February is a wonderful cosmetic dental transformation using invisible braces called lingual braces. These are braces fitted to the inside of the teeth so they are the truly invisible brace. Being placed on the inside of the teeth, they act down the long axis of the tooth meaning that teeth straightening can also be very quick. Straight teeth fast! What more could you ask for? Our client came to us seeking a new smile due to crooked upper front teeth, which had been bothering her… READ MORE


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