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Jun 2015

Case of the Month- June 2015

Our case of the month for June is a short term orthodontic treatment (STO) to correct the upper teeth. STO has become extremely popular as a cosmetic dental option due to the non invasive approach and the speed of treatment. In the past, traditional cosmetic dental treatments involved cutting down the teeth for veneers or crowns. Orthodontic treatment would often take 18-24 months, However, although there is a still a place for these treatments, there are alternative options. Please take a look at our be… READ MORE
Apr 2015

Case of the Month- April 2015

Our case of the month for April is an unbelievable smile transformation using a metal fixed brace. Our patient wanted to be able to smile for her wedding photographs and we were given a time span of just 8 months! Now the level of tooth crowding was quite severe and we were unsure whether the treatment could be completed in time. However, we did not need to worry. The treatment was complete ahead of schedule. We used high tec metal brackets which have minimal friction and allow quick alignment of rotated, … READ MORE
Apr 2014

The truly invisible brace- lingual braces

The Truly Invisible Brace Lingual Braces If you have ever thought about straightening your teeth but have dreaded the thought of metal braces, then we have the solution- lingual braces. Lingual braces are placed on the INSIDE of your teeth so that no one will know that you are wearing an orthodontic brace. The days of the 'Ugly Betty' type brace have long gone- invisible lingual braces are the future. One of the most popular types of lingual brace is called the Social 6 brace. This aims to straighten the … READ MORE
Apr 2014

Case of the Month- April 2014

Our case of the month for April 2014 involves the closing of a gap between the front teeth in only 3 months using invisible lingual braces. The before and after photographs speak for themselves: Gaps between the front teeth which our client hated Gaps closed in only 3 months! This treatment was achieved using the Social 6 lingual brace by Dr Nissit Patel. This technique is the truly invisible brace as it is placed on the INSIDE of the teeth, completely hidden from view. If you are interested in closing… READ MORE
Mar 2014

Case of the month- March 2014

Our case of the month for March is a wonderful teeth straightening case. Our client was extremely unhappy with her crooked and uneven smile but was conscious of wearing braces that were visible. After a full clinical analysis and careful treatment planning, we decided on using invisible braces. Take a look at our before and after photos- great end result. Crooked, uneven teeth with spacing and uneven edges A birds eye view- crooked front teeth and look at the premolar on the right side A wonderful new s… READ MORE
Nov 2013

Do you have lower teeth like this?

In the old days of cosmetic dentistry, the lower teeth were often forgotten and treatments were geared primarily to upper teeth. This included treatments such as porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants. Often, this was a mistake. The lower teeth are VITAL to overall cosmetic dentistry, the main reason being occlusion or the 'bite'. In simple terms, if the dental occlusion is not adequate, then there are long term consequences. This could range from loss of function, increased tooth wear, inc… READ MORE
May 2013


We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of Fastbraces at Progressive Dentistry. Fastbraces is an orthodontic system developed in the USA. As the name suggests, the technique is generally far quicker than conventional techniques. WHAT IS FASTBRACES? Fastbraces is a unique fixed dental brace that is fitted to the outside of the teeth. It is unlike any other dental brace system. HOW DOES IT WORK? The reason Fastbraces is so different is that the unique brackets and wires move the teeth and roots a… READ MORE
Apr 2013

Cosmetic dental excellence 2013

We believe in the least invasive techniques to create beautiful smiles. If you have crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or teeth that are out of alignment then they SHOULD NOT be cut down for veneers or crowns. This is destructive and will cause harm in the longer term. Due to the advances of cosmetic dentistry, teeth can now be straightened discreetly and quickly to enhance your smile and improve oral hygiene. One of the most popular techniques we use is the lingual brace, which is the truly invisible brace … READ MORE
Mar 2013

Case of the month- March 2013

Our case of the month for March involves straightening lower crowded teeth using invisible lingual braces. As we get older, our lower teeth tend to become more uneven and crooked. This can impact on dental hygiene, affect the bite and of course look unsightly! However, there is a solution. Invisible braces placed behind the teeth are an excellent way of correcting such misaligned teeth. There is no need for the dreaded train tracks that can be seen a mile away. Lingual braces are placed on the INSIDE of th… READ MORE
Feb 2013

Invisible Braces

Teeth straightening is now a very popular treatment to improve the cosmetic appearance and why not! If teeth are crowded, out of alignment, suffer from spacing issues then they should be treated with orthodontics such as invisible braces. One of our most popular invisible braces is the lingual brace. This is placed on the inside of the teeth making it the truly invisible brace. If the thought of fixed braces on the outside of your teeth fills you with fear, then this is the solution for you. Dr Nissit Pa… READ MORE


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