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Jun 2016

Oral B tooth whitening strips are now available

Would you like whiter teeth? Do you want to avoid using home trays and gels? Would you like an affordable option? If the answer is yes to the above, we have the solution. Oral B white strips. These are simply placed over the teeth like sticky tape for 1 hour and then disposed of. This is repeated for up to 14 days and hey presto, whiter teeth! We have a very special offer of just £75 for a 2 week course of treatment (upper and lower teeth). Call us to reserve your strips.… READ MORE
Sep 2014

Whitespeed Zoom whitenining now available!

We are delighted to announce that Philips Whitespeed Zoom whitening is now available at Progressive Dentistry. Zoom is the most recognized tooth whitening brand in dentistry for good reason. The new LED accelerator offers gentle but fantastic results in only 1 hour! If you have yellow, dark, discoloured teeth and would like them whitened in just one visit, then Whitespeed Zoom whitening could be for you. With every treatment, we provide a take home kit to continue the whitening process and maintain the res… READ MORE
Aug 2012

Case of the month- August 2012

Our case of the month for August is a cosmetic case involving rapid tooth alignment and tooth whitening, which transforms the smile. The photographs below demonstrate the fantastic result achieved: Crooked upper teeth, which are yellow and hidden from the smile line Straight upper teeth, whiter and brighter and a beaming smile! This smile transformation was completed with an invisible extended lingual brace in under 6 months. The entire process is non invasive, completely undetectable and pain free. Tre… READ MORE
Jul 2012

Social 6 lingual braces 2012

Social 6 lingual braces are the truly invisible brace. They are placed on the inside of the teeth so that no one will know you are having your teeth straightened. This is an excellent brace for mild to moderate crowding of teeth or closing small spaces. A typical example is shown below: Overlapping front tooth Straight teeth and whiter too! This demonstrates how changing your smile can be totally invisible, quick and pain free. There is no need for needles, damaging or cutting teeth or any invasive techn… READ MORE


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