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Sep 2019

The benefits of dental implants

Have you ever had missing teeth? It is quite embarrassing because you can't smile properly, and you become extra shy. Some people deal with missing teeth by using dentures and or bridges. What's truly remarkable, though, is what dental implants can do for you. Sure, it is all about filling in the missing teeth, but dental implants provide far more benefits than only cosmetics. Here are four benefits you will receive from using dental implants: 1 - Improving Overall Oral Health Missing teeth don't only … READ MORE
Sep 2018

Case of the month September 2018

Our case of the month for September involves a dental implant to replace a missing molar tooth. Initially, the tooth was lost due to extensive tooth decay that was not treatable. This resulted in a space which affected eating. Although back teeth are not particularly visible, it is important to replace them for a number of reasons: Restore the bite Prevent movement of the adjacent teeth Prevent movement of the opposite teeth Preserve the jaw bone Aesthetics if visible on smiling In our case, the mi… READ MORE
May 2018

A stunning smile transformation using porcelain veneers and a dental implant

We love transforming smiles; it is what we do and we are the best around! In this modern day and age, we need to be familiar with all of the latest dental techniques, technology and materials to be able to provide stunning smiles. For example, fifteen years ago, dental implants were a rare thing and hardly done. Nowadays, every dental practice on the high street offers dental teeth implants and there are over 400 hundred systems available worldwide, if not more! Of course, it would make sense if the major… READ MORE
Jun 2017

Dental implants and the importance of replacing missing teeth

Dr Patel has written an article on why it is so important to replace missing teeth. Please follow the following link: If you have missing teeth and would like them to be replaced, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer the very latest in dental care using the most advanced technology to give you the very best possible results.… READ MORE
Dec 2016

Case of the Month December 2016

Our case of the month for December involves the replacement of a missing lower front tooth using a dental implant. Dental implants are the best way to restore lost teeth; modern day techniques are minimally invasive, quick and virtually pain free. In our case, a lower front tooth was lost due to trauma. As you can see from the photographs, the tooth has been replaced with a virtually identical new dental implant crown. Before dental implant- missing lower front tooth After dental implant- life like and a… READ MORE
Oct 2016

Case of the Month October 2016

Our case of the month for October is one involving dental implants. Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth whether this involves one missing tooth, several teeth or all teeth. After all, what you rather have- a removable plastic plate or a fixed tooth which is almost identical to your own tooth? Our case is one that spans more than five years and just goes to show how dental implants can look just like natural teeth and how the gum line responds to well planned treatment. Dr Patel repl… READ MORE
Sep 2016

Case of the Month- September 2016

Our case of the month for September involves a single dental implant to replace a molar tooth. Molar teeth are extremely important teeth for chewing and replacing them is vital to maintain function and protect the adjacent and opposing teeth. Single dental implants are excellent at replacing missing molar teeth. The process is usually straight forward and can be described in 5 steps: Careful planning Place dental implant Allow healing of 10-12 weeks Take impressions Fit implant crown Our case is … READ MORE
Apr 2016

Dental Implants to replace missing teeth 2016

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth- even ones that were lost many years ago. In the future, we may be able to grow new teeth but for now implants are the solution. Our case study involves teeth that were taken out a few years ago and replaced with implants: Missing teeth, large gap and unable to bite properly Implants placed- restored function and aesthetics The latter photograph was taken on the day the new teeth were fitted. We will show you how the gum improves over time and… READ MORE
Mar 2016

Dental Implants Case Study

Dental implants are the very best method to replace missing teeth. Long term studies have shown that properly planned, carefully placed and well maintained dental implants can last decades. This is not true for the old methods of replacing teeth such as bridges and dentures. Did you know that a dental bridge often involves cutting down healthy tooth/teeth to replace the missing tooth? Did you know that when a healthy tooth is cut down, there is a 20% chance that that tooth will die in the longer term and … READ MORE
Feb 2015

One of these teeth is a dental implant- can you guess?

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. This is the case if you have one, several or all missing teeth. In the case of one missing tooth, the replacement tooth using a dental implant can look exactly the same as a natural tooth or even better! For example, just look at this photograph. Can you tell which tooth is the dental implant? There are a few dental crowns present- only one is a dental implant Dental implants act as the replacement for the root(s) of the tooth and the replaceme… READ MORE


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