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Mar 2021

Case of the Month February 2021

Our case of the month for last month is a stunning case which involves a smile transformation using three techniques:1. Lingual Braces2. Tooth whitening using a take home whitening kit 3. Cosmetic bonding We like to call this a Progressive Smile transformation as there is no drilling, no injections, no pain and the process is affordable and easy to maintain. In contrast to porcelain veneers or crowns which require drilling away of healthy tooth enamel to cover the teeth with the ceramic. Granted, this may l… READ MORE
Dec 2013

Tooth Whitening for Christmas!

Tooth whitening is the most asked for cosmetic dental procedure especially for Christmas. Whitening teeth is a simple, predictable and non invasive way of producing a gleaming smile. We have a number of methods to whiten teeth. A new system we have introduced is that of Enlighten whitening. This is the only system that guarantees a B1 result, which is one of the lightest dental shades. Therefore, if you have undergone whitening in the past without success, this could be the system for you! Have a look at … READ MORE
Oct 2013

Dental tip of the week 25 October 2013

Our dental tip of the week involves teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be achieved without expensive treatments by following these simple steps: 1. Visit the dental hygienist. Stain removal will instantly whiten your teeth and keep your gums healthy. 2. Avoid staining foods and drinks. These include coffee, strong tea especially green tea, dark berries, artificial colourings and curries. 3. Use an electric toothbrush. High quality electric brushes are far better at removing stain than manual toothbrush… READ MORE
Oct 2013

Case of the Month- October 2013

Our case of the month for October is a tooth whitening case using one of our most popular techniques: take home trays. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Having whiter, brighter teeth that look clean and healthy is desirable and confidence boosting. The treatment is available to all with their own teeth! THE PROCESS 1. A full clinical examination is required prior to any cosmetic dental procedure. 2. It is highly advised that you visit the hygienist prior to any tooth whiteni… READ MORE
Aug 2013

Case of the month- August 2013

Our case of the month for August is a fantastic one involving ABC. To remind you: A is for Alignment, B is for bleaching and C is for cosmetic bonding. This is the NON INVASIVE smile makeover, a treatment suitable for all. In the old days of cosmetic dentistry, teeth would be cut heavily for porcelain veneers to provide a new smile. No longer! We can transform your smile with 3 simple steps: ABC Our case involved a ceramic brace, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding to enhance the smile. Don't take our wo… READ MORE
Dec 2012

Case of the month- December 2012

Our case of the month for December involves one of our favourite techniques- ABC. Our patient came to us complaining of yellow, crooked teeth that were too short and uneven. She did not want drastic dentistry where the teeth are cut or damaged in any way. Dr Nissit Patel had the perfect solution- ABC. A is for alignment. Initially straigthening the teeth using one of our cosmetic brace techniques allows us to provide a far more aesthetic result in the long term. B is for bleaching. Whitening the teeth ma… READ MORE
Oct 2012

Case of the month- October 2012

Our case of the month is a fantastic tooth whitening case. The treatment involved using specially made tooth whitening trays and 6% hydrogen peroxide gel from Philips Zoom. Please view the before and after photographs: Discoloured teeth White teeth after only 2 weeks! After the tooth whitening trays were worn for 1 hour of the day for 2 weeks, a power session was carried out in the dental chair to reach the maximum whiteness. As you can see, a lovely white, gleaming smile. Treatment carried out by Dr N… READ MORE
Jul 2012

Case of the month- July 2012

Our case of the month for July involves tooth whitening and adhesive dental bridges to replace missing teeth. This was a complicated case which involved many advanced aspects of dentistry, which was managed and completed by our Principal Dentist, Dr Nissit Patel. The photographs below show the stages of the case: The lateral teeth (next to central teeth) are short, yellow and unsymmetrical After teeth whitening, soft tissue laser contouring and new dental bridges. A fantastic result! This type of denta… READ MORE
Jun 2012

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. It is non invasive, predictable, safe and affordable. Our preferred method is by using specially made tooth whitening trays. We will supply the very best tooth whitening gel available which in most cases, only has to be worn for 1 hour. Below is an example of tooth whitening completed using our special whitening trays: Before tooth whitening, yellow teeth After tooth whitening; whiter, brighter teeth! Tooth whitening is a that is suitable f… READ MORE
Jun 2012

Progressive Dentistry is here

Our new name, Progressive Dentistry, has now taken over from Word Of Mouth Fulham. Our fantastic new website is which is a significant upgrade from the previous site. The change of name is the only change within our dental practice. Dr Nissit Patel remains the sole owner and Principal Dentist and the team remain exactly the same. To celebrate our new name, we are holding an open day on Saturday 7th July. This will be an opportunity to meet the team, take advantage of HALF P… READ MORE


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