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Jul 2019

Case of the Month July 2019- Peri implantitis

Our case of the month for July is an unusual one in the sense that we are not highlighting a wonderful new smile , straighter teeth, whiter teeth or a fantastic new technology. This month, our focus is on peri implantitis. Now you may wonder what on earth is peri implantitis. Well, we can report that peri implantitis is becoming a major issue in relation to dental implants and the prevalence will only increase as more and more dental implants are placed. Definition Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory pro… READ MORE
Jul 2018

Are you scared of the dentist?

Do you have a fear of the dentist? Are you scared of the dental drill? Are you a needle phobic? If the answer to the above is yes, we can help. We are experts in providing virtually pain free dentistry and use the latest technology to offer alternatives to the dreaded dental drill and needles. Here are some ways that we can make dental treatment more comfortable and stress free: Waterlase i Plus Laser The Waterlase i Plus laser is an amazing, highly sophisticated device which can perform many functi… READ MORE
May 2018

Case of the Month May 2018- laser polyp removal

Our case of the month involves the removal of a fibro epithelial polyp using the Waterlase i Plus laser. What is a fibro epithelial polyp? A fibro epithelial polyp is a very common, firm, painless swelling found mainly on the inside of the cheeks, lips and tongue. It represents a reactive, localised scarring due to trauma or local irritation. This is usually cheek, lip or tongue biting. The size of the polyp usually remains static unless there is continual irritation or trauma where it can increas… READ MORE
Dec 2017

Fibroepithelial Polyp Removal with the Waterlase i Plus laser

Fibroepithelial polyps are commonly seen in the mouth on the lip, cheek, gum line and tongue. There are a small mass of tissue that usually form in response to trauma such as lip biting or cheek chewing. Although, in the main, polyps are pain free and benign, they can be irritating especially if you keep catching them whilst eating which could cause ulcers or inflammation. Here is a common appearance of a fibroepithelial polyp on the lip: A soft mass of pink tissue on the lip. Although these can be left… READ MORE
May 2017

Case of the Month May 2017- Waterlase i Plus laser treatment

Our case of the month for May 2017 involves treatment of tooth decay using our incredible Waterlase i Plus laser. This highly sophisticated technology allows us to treat tooth decay without having to drill the tooth and without any anaesthetic in most cases. Just think; dentistry without drilling and without needles! Just take a look at our case: Tooth decay present on a back tooth After laser treatment. No need for any drilling, no needles and no pain! Modern day dentistry has evolved beyond comprehen… READ MORE
Nov 2016

Waterlase i Plus laser treatment

As our name suggests, we are progressive and forward thinking. Time does not stand still and neither does dental technology. After a great deal of thought and research, we have invested in the amazing Waterlase i Plus 2.0 dental laser. This incredible, state of the art technology allows us to perform dentistry that simply was not possible before. For example, crown lengthening. This is often required on heavily broken down teeth to increase the height of the tooth so that a new crown can be placed. In the … READ MORE
Feb 2016

Case of the Month- January 2016

We forgot to post our case for January! Better late than never. Our case involves the use of the Waterlase i Plus 2.0 to perform a procedure called surgical crown lengthening. What is surgical crown lengthening? In simple terms, this is a procedure that exposes more tooth surface to allow a dental crown to be made in such as way that it can seat on sound tooth 360 degrees. Ideally, dentists require at least 1mm of sound circumferential tooth as provides a 'ferule' and greatly enhances the resistance form… READ MORE


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