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Oct 2014

Case of the month- October 2014

Our case of the month for October involves cosmetic bonding of the lower front teeth which were heavily worn and using a principle called the Dahl technique.This technique is not very well known but it is fantastic method for treating worn down teeth where there is no space to restore them. For example, when your front teeth wear down due to grinding, acid erosion, bad habits (biting pens, nails etc), there is often little space to restore the teeth using conventional fillings. In the old days, the teeth m… READ MORE
Sep 2013

Case of the month- September 2013

Our case of the month for September is a classic cosmetic bonding case. For those of you that do not know about cosmetic bonding, it is a great technique to enhance a tooth with a completely NON INVASIVE approach. Teeth can be lengthened, widened, repaired, made symmetrical and gaps closed with this wonderful technique. In virtually all cases, there is NO need for any drilling, any anaesthetic (no needles!) and no unnecessary removal of healthy tooth enamel. Our case shows a typical scenario where a tooth … READ MORE
Sep 2013

Case study- cosmetic bonding

Our case study is one involving cosmetic bonding of the front teeth. Cosmetic bonding is the NON INVASIVE answer to repair worn, fractured or spaced teeth. The technique requires no drilling, no needles and no pain! Our patient was unhappy about her front teeth due to the severe wear present at the edges. This was due to night time grinding, which is a very common problem. Dr Nissit Patel strongly believes in minimally invasive dentistry and therefore ruled out porcelain veneers or similar techniques which… READ MORE


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