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At Progressive Dentistry we are proud of providing high-quality award-winning dental care. We put excellence at the forefront of everything we do and we believe that the services we offer our patients speak for themselves, but the multiple industry awards that we’ve won also illustrate the point well. As well as the numerous testimonials you will find online which attest to our excellent standards, the array of respected industry awards and accolades that we have earned for best dentist, best private dental practice, etc., mark us as a reliable and professional dental clinic.

It is hard to overstate just how important dental care is to our overall health. Far too many people still don’t appreciate the link between poor oral hygiene and health problems elsewhere in their body. For example, many people are surprised to find out that many cases of heart disease are caused by bacteria which enters through the mouth and gums. Practicing good oral hygiene at home isn’t difficult; the battle is to make sure that you keep it up every single day. Also, no matter how good your dental and oral hygiene practices are at home, you should still aim to see your dentist as regularly as you can. A good dentist will know what the tell-tale early warning signs are for all the major problems that you are likely to suffer.

The field of dentistry has grown more competitive over the years. As with all other professions, there are now more routes into the profession than ever before. Training and qualifying as a dentist is available to more people than ever before. This is great for patients as it gives them more choice. We also believe that it keeps organisations like ours on our toes!

We at Progressive Dentistry have consistently shown ourselves to be among the most competent and consistently reliable dental practice in the UK. Patient care is our priority and informs every decision that we make. Far too often, dentists operating in the field today are stuck in the old routines and old-fashioned techniques rather than adopting modern, progressive thinking and technology that delivers the highest quality care to patients.

When you entrust Progressive Dentistry with your oral hygiene, you are leaving yourself in the hands of experts. A dentist you can feel safe and confident with providing you with award-winning dental care.

Here is a list of our achievements so far:

Three best rated dentist

We have been selected by Three Best Rated as one of 3 best dentists in London 2018 and 2019.

They use a 50 point independant inspection which involves reviews, reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust, cost and general excellence. Considering there are thousands of dentists in London, this is a great honour and testament to the hard work and dedication of the team. We are delighted!

This follows on from our listing as one of Fulham's best dentists by Three Best rated.

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Dentistry awards

Winner of Best Dental Practice in London 2013
Winner Best Young Dentist in London 2010: Dr Nissit Patel
Winner Best New Website 2010
Finalist Best Patient Care 2019
Finalist Best Dental Practice in London 2016
Finalist Best Team in London 2016
Finalist Best Patient Care London 2016
Winner Best Dentist In London by Zesty 2014
Finalist Best Team in London 2013
Finalist Best Private Dental Practice in London 2012

The dental awards

Finalist Practice of the Year South 2017
Finalist Dentist of the Year South: Dr Nissit Patel
Finalist Practice Manager of the Year South: Paula Ryan

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Oral health awards

Best Hygienist 2019: Beata Knyask Finalist
Best Therapist 2019: Beata Knysak Finalist

Private dentistry awards

Best Young Dentist 2019: Janine Sohota

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Aesthetic dentistry awards logo  

Aesthetic dentistry awards

Finalist Best Aesthetic Practice South 2015
Finalist Best Full Mouth Case: Dr Veehar Malde 2015

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