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Nov 2023

Porcelain Veneers To Transform A Smile

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular ways of transforming a smile. Veneers are outer facings that cover the tooth/teeth to repair issues such as chips, fractures, asymmetry, discolouration or protect old fillings. The transformation of a smile can be life changing. A smile is one of the first things that is evident on a person and this can radiance confidence and self-belief. The treatment for veneers is not a straightforward one and requires careful planning and execution to achieve an outstanding… READ MORE
Aug 2023

Internal Tooth Whitening

One of the main aesthetic challenges we face as dentists, is a dark discoloured front tooth. This usually results from after a root canal treatment which may be needed for a variety of reasons but is usually from trauma. The reasons for the discolouration do vary. This could be from remnants of the pulp tissue being left within the root canal system and then decomposing within the tooth permeating into the dentine. There can also be rupture of the blood vessels within the pulp allowing blood products to see… READ MORE
Mar 2023

Invisalign To Widen The Smile And Improve The Bite

Invisalign is one of our favourite treatment techniques. It is a phenomenal clear aligner therapy which is head and shoulders above the rest. The technology behind the treatment is simply amazing and we can treat virtually every case with Invisalign. The days of 'this can only be treated with fixed braces' has gone! However, it is important to understand that each treatment is bespoke and planned by us carefully. We do not just simply accept the algorithm from Invisalign and we put our mark on each and ever… READ MORE
Feb 2023

The Dahl Technique for Restoring Worn Front Teeth

Tooth wear is one of the most prevalent dental conditions that we see in practice day to day. It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost 90% of adult patients suffer from some form of tooth wear albeit to varying degree of severity. Minor tooth wear can lead to issues such as sensitivity to hot and cold whereas severe tooth wear can impair everyday function of chewing and mastication. Severe tooth surface loss will also cause a reduction in the occlusal vertical dimension (OVD) which is a measuremen… READ MORE
Oct 2022
Sep 2022

Invisalign Full, Teeth Whitening & A New Front Dental Crown

Our case of the month for September 2022 is a lovely smile transformation done the Progressive Dentistry way with invisalign full, teeth whitening & a new front dental crown. When we plan these types of treatments, we often will look at whether the teeth are in the right place first. Why is this so important? Well the reason is simple. If the teeth are not in the right place or well aligned, any cosmetic treatment will be a big compromise. For instance, in the days gone by, there was a fad for porcelain… READ MORE
Mar 2022

2 Dental Implants to Replace 3 Missing Teeth

Our case of the month for February 2022 is one involving 2 dental implants to replace 3 missing back teeth. Dental implants are considered the gold standard to replace missing teeth but what are dental implants? Well, essentially implants are the replacements for the roots of the missing teeth. They provide the foundation to allow us to place new teeth on top. Simple? Not really! Dental implant treatment is complicated and requires a huge amount of training, experience and ongoing education. Of course, some… READ MORE
Dec 2021

Invisalign Lite, Tooth Whitening & Cosmetic Bonding Case Of The Month

Our case of the month for October 2021 was a simple yet effective one involving three of our favourite techniques: Invisalign, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding.Crowding of teeth is so common, we would probably say the majority of the population suffer some form of mis alignment of some sort. Luckily, modern day treatments mean that teeth straightening is actually a simply and pain free process. In our case, we used Invisalign Lite which is the 'middle of the road' version which typically takes less than… READ MORE
Nov 2021

Case of the Month September 2021- E Max Veneers

Our case of the month for September 2021 was a simply stunning one using ultra minimally invasive E max veneers. Our client disliked her front teeth composite bonding which had discoloured, worn and chipped over time. Although teeth bonding is a superb treatment, there are disadvantages compared to porcelain such as those mentioned above. Porcelain will not stain or change colour and it is far more durable than composite. However, in the past, porcelain needed considerable preparation to create space for th… READ MORE
Jul 2018

Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Premolar Tooth

Dental implants are the best way to replace a single missing premolar tooth; at present there is no alternative that can offer the same benefits as dental implants. These include: 1. A fixed tooth to replace the missing one2. The adjacent teeth do not need cutting down3. Preservation of the bone and gum tissue4. Restoring function to that of the natural tooth5. Excellent aesthetics as the new tooth emerges from the gum line6. Dental implants cannot decay7. Longer lasting than traditional alternatives such a… READ MORE


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