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Feb 2024

Peri Implantitis - What Is It And How Can It Be Treated

Peri implantitis is becoming a major issue for dental implants and it is important to be aware of this when embarking on implant treatment to replace missing teeth. The term relates to a number of factors around implants but the main issues are: 1. Inflammation of the surrounding mucosa ( gum ) 2. Increased pocket depths around the dental implant 3. Bleeding on probing 4. Suppuration ( pus oozing from the tissues) 5. Loss of bone around the implant either in a horizontal , vertical or both directions. T… CONTINUE READING
Dec 2023

Christmas Opening Times 2023

Today is the winter solstice and officially the shortest day of the year. Longer days are here to come! We also mark the run into Christmas and our opening times are :Friday 22nd December 0900-1300 Saturday 23rd December 0900-1430 Reception only Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day Closed Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th, Friday 29th, Saturday 30th 0900-1400 Reception only New Years Day Closed January 2nd Normal opening times resumeIn the event of a dental emergency out of hours, please leave a messag… CONTINUE READING
Oct 2023

i Tero 5D scanner and NIRI technology

We are huge advocates of minimally invasive dentistry and have been preaching this philosophy for many years. Early detection, prevention and intervention when needed, will have far better outcomes in the long term. In terms of dentistry, tooth decay is one of our most common diseases to treat. In the days of the past, teeth were heavily drilled with large cavities made so that amalgam ( metal ) fillings could be packed in. This would seem quite archaic now and thankfully, we have vastly superior solutions.… CONTINUE READING
Oct 2022

The Truth About Tooth Wear

Do you know what the one of the most common dental problems is in the United Kingdom? It's not cavities or gum disease. It's tooth wear! Tooth wear can be caused by a number of factors including acid erosion, bruxism (teeth grinding at night ), and poor oral hygiene. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes, treatment, cost, and prevention of tooth wear. We will also answer some common questions about this condition. If you have tooth wear, you must simply read this article.… CONTINUE READING
Sep 2022

September 19th - We will be closed to respect the passing of her Majesty the Queen

We will be closed on Monday 19th September to show our respects for the Royal Family and the passing of our Queen. Queen Elizabeth was a world wide icon and loved in Britain and across the globe. She was a unique individual who devoted her life to public service for 70 years, a feat that is unlikely to be surpassed in our life time. We are deeply saddened by her death and our thoughts are with her family at this time. We will re open on Tuesday 20th September at 0900. Should you have a dental emergency on M… CONTINUE READING
Mar 2022
Dec 2021

Christmas Opening Hours 2021

It's the 21st of December and officially the shortest day of the year! Brighter days ahead.This year, we will close at 12pm 23rd December for our Christmas break. Emergency appointments will be available on 29th December from 0900-1200. Please e mail us or call on the day for an appointment. If you need advice whilst we are closed, please also send an e mail, leave a WhatsApp on 07508 663942 or leave a message with our offsite reception who are available 24/7. Once this message has been received, one of our… CONTINUE READING
Dec 2021

Mouth Cancer Self Check

There are a number of areas to check for mouth cancer. The Mouth Cancer Foundation has provided a superb self check kit which we have provided below. This will take 2 minutes and could be crucial in spotting early signs of mouth cancer. If in doubt, please book an appointment with your dentist.FACE Look at the whole face. Are there any swellings you haven’t noticed before? Inspect your skin. Has anything changed recently? Have moles become larger or started to itch or bleed? Turn your head from side to side… CONTINUE READING
Dec 2021

Risk Factors & Causes of Mouth Cancer - What To Know

We don’t know what causes most mouth cancers. However, there are several factors that are likely to increase your risk.Up to 90% of all mouth cancers are linked to lifestyle factors.This means that with a few small changes, you can help cut your chances of developing mouth cancer.If you do not stop or reduce the things that might put you at greater risk, it is important that you self check at home and regularly visit your dentist.The below causes are linked to mouth cancer.… CONTINUE READING
Dec 2020

Merry Christmas!

We are now closed for the Christmas break and will re open on the 30th December for emergency appointments from 0900-1400. This will be by appointment only using our online booking facility. To make an appointment please visit: you are registered patient, simply fill in your details and sign in. You will then be able to choose your preferred practitioner, time and date. If you are a new patient, please register. Should you simply need some advice over the festive season (dental only plea… READ MORE
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