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We continuously invest in the very latest dental technology which has transformed our approach to dental care. We are proud to be a fully digital practice and at the forefront of this digital revolution.

TRIOS 3 SHAPE intra oral scanner

The Trios 3 Shape scanner is simply incredible. We no longer have to take impressions!

The major benefits include:

  • No gagging on impressions
  • More accurate than impressions
  • Scans are e mailed to the lab for 3-D printing
  • Full digital workflow
  • Digital smile design- see your new smile before any treatment!
  • Treatment simulation for orthodontics- would you like to see how your teeth would look after treatment before even starting? Now you can!
  • Patient monitoring. Scans taken over several months or years can be compared for any differences. A wonderful tooth to monitor tooth wear, gum recession and much more.
  • Dental implant planning using Implant Studio. Fully digital planning of dental implants to ensure the correct placement and best end results.


We have invested in this highly sophisticated technology which allows:

  • fillings without drilling or any anaesthetic
  • far greater healing
  • sterilisation of gum pockets and root canals
  • minimally invasive dental implant treatment

and MUCH more!

The future of dentistry is here at Progressive Dentistry.

CBCT scanner

We have recently invested in a state of the art cone beam CT scanner or CBCT unit.

Dental Cone Beam Tomography is a specialised type of x-ray that provides more information than conventional dental x-rays. This computerised scan uses advanced technology to generate three-dimensional images.

The main advantages include:

  • Provides 3-D images of bone and dental structures, soft tissues, nerve canals and pathology which hold far greater information than 2-D x rays
  • Allows for greater level of diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Far less radiation dose than conventional CT scanning
CBCT scanner

CBCT scans are commonly used to:

  • Evaluate bone volume and density, positions of teeth in 3-D, jaw joints and pathology
  • Provide diagnostics for:
    • Accurate placement of implants
    • Surgical planning for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth
    • 3-D orthodontic evaluation
    • Complex root canal diagnosis and treatment

We no longer need to refer to an outside clinic or hospital for CBCT scans saving valuable time and money. The cost of a CBCT dental scan is £125 for a sectional scan and £150 for a full arch scan.

Dental microscope

One of most recent additions to the practice is the CJ Optik dental microscope. The level of magnification allows for superb visualisation of the entire mouth not just a single tooth which is the case for most dental microscopes.

With advanced LED lighting, even the most difficult to see areas can be viewed in great detail which is especially important in root canal treatments where every micron counts.

The microscope also has significant uses in restorative dentistry such as locating cracks, analysing dental crown, bridge and veneer margins, filling seals, implant placements and much more. After all, if we cannot see, we cannot treat!

  Dental microscope
Diagnodent Wand  

Laser cavity detector

The Diagnodent Wand.

This high tech tool helps us find decay in areas which are not visible to the eye or seen on dental X-Rays. The early detection of this will mean that any decay found can be easily eliminated, and often without anaesthetic. This will help prevent more serious problems in the future along with highlighting potential areas of decay.

Digital x-ray system

Digital X-Ray system: We use the most up to date digital X-Ray equipment, which means that we can achieve a reduction of up to 90% in radiation. There is also no need for toxic chemicals required for developing as the images appear directly onto the computer screen, which allows clear and in depth analysis.

  Pspix digital x ray system
Intra oral camera and video  

Intra oral camera and video

Intra Oral Camera and Video: the Sopro 717 and Sopocare intra oral cameras allows us to take close up digital images of your teeth, which appear directly on the computer screen. This allows you to see areas that were never previously visible and gives a greater understanding of your treatment.

The Sopocare camera allows us to detect early tooth decay and gum inflammation using incredible autofluoresence technology; after all, prevention is better than cure!

We can also take video footage which is particularly helpful in analysing your bite.

Virtual implant planning

We are now able to plan dental implants on a software package from CT scans. This means that the results are predictable and guides can be made from the planning process to eliminate any guesswork and ensure the best position for the implants.

  Virtual implant planning
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