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Children's Dentistry


The importance of regular dental examinations is paramount to ensuring a healthy mouth and maintaining your child's perfect smile.


We recommend dental examinations from the time your child gets their first tooth. Your child will receive a thorough dental examination, prescriptive oral hygiene and diet advice, and tooth-brushing demonstrations.


There has been so much research into the prevention of dental decay and gum disease. The best way to prevent dental treatment is understanding how to prevent it from an early age. Each examination will include prevention advice but there are little additions that your child may benefit from.

  • Fluoride Application
  • This is a high concentration fluoride varnish that is painted on and flossed between the teeth. Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth particularly in the developing dentition. We recommend Fluoride Varnish application every 6 months.
  • Fissure Sealant
  • These are a preventative plastic coating painted onto the biting surface of teeth which help prevent decay developing.
  • Disclosing Tablets
  • These are an excellent and fun way to ensure tooth-brushing is efficient at home and between dental visits. These tablets highlight areas of plaque missed during tooth-brushing.


  • Baby teeth fillings
  • Pulpotomies
  • Sometimes, when decay is left to progress it can cause the nerve in the tooth to die. An alternative to removing the tooth can be to perform a pulpotomy. The decay is removed and a medicinal dressing placed over the root canals and the tooth restored with a composite filling.
  • Hall Crowns
  • A widely popular way of restoring heavily decayed baby teeth which otherwise would be removed. It involves placing a stainless steel crown over the decayed tooth stopping progression of the decay in its tracks. They do not require any preparation of the teeth and allows us to keep the tooth until such time it would be naturally exfoliated.

Trauma management

Unfortunately children especially toddlers and prone to tumbles and falls and it can be a distressing time for both child and parents when teeth are damaged. Here at Progressive Dentistry we have many years' experience at treating paediatric dental trauma.

  • Emergency assessment
  • This includes a thorough clinical examination, x-rays, base-line clinical photographs, assessment of the mobility, and initial treatment including splinting
  • Emergency Pulp Therapy
  • If a tooth received significant trauma to cause nerve damage immediate pulp therapy is required to improve long-term prognosis of the tooth
  • Restorations of fractured teeth

Sports guards

Available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Cosmetic restorations

Teeth can erupt with a wide variety of developmental anomalies including uneven surfaces, white/brown spots or staining. These can be masked with different cosmetic dentistry options.

  • Micro abrasion
  • Can minimise staining on the surface of the enamel
  • Composite veneers
  • This is where composite filling material is bonded to the surface of the tooth creating an even appearance.


  • Baby teeth
  • Extra teeth (supernumeraries)
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